Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

“Did you watch it?”

I gave my co-worker a look, something like, no duh! Or, are you kidding me? Or, don’t you know me well enough to know that I’ve watched it at least a dozen times?!

Of course we were talking about the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It premiered last night during halftime of Monday Night Football. I started on the edge of my seat, unable to follow the instructions of the sports anchor, “Breathe, just breathe.” By the end of the trailer my knees were on the floor as I clenched onto the coffee table, shaking and trying to process all the new information.

I think I looked like a frightened porg.

It took me a few repeats to settle down and start making sense of the scenes that might be mismatched and misleading.

Rey Turns to the Darkside

ray last jedi

It’s a bit unsettling. “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” The scene then shows Kylo Ren with his hand outstretched. Is Rey joining him, joining the darkside? No, uh-uh, not happening! Ren tortured Rey in The Force Awakens, and then they dueled, and it was clear that Ray didn’t like him. She wanted to find Luke Skywalker for a reason, and I don’t think she was giving him a meaningful look when handing over his saber because she wanted a cash reward.

Luke Refuses to Teach Rey Because of Her “Raw Strength”

luke last jedi

“I’ve seen this raw strength only once before, it didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.”

So, what does Luke chose to do when he encounters Rey’s power? Send her away? To what? The other choice she has is Ren, whom she doesn’t like. And why would Luke LET her go to him? That doesn’t make sense. I think that Luke tells her that he’s scared so that Rey knows to be careful. Beware the darkside.

I’m wondering if Rey had another vision, or a premonition here. She had them before when she first held Luke’s lightsaber. It scared her then and it’s scaring her now.

My thoughts are that after Rey has this vision, Luke sends her to find the book of Whills. I think they’re in a cave only accessible by swimming under water. When she comes back, and Luke is standing there, her will is resolved to help the people in her vision.

Kylo Ren is Struggling to “Let the Past Die”


“Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” People are still struggling over the death of Carrie Fisher. Do you really think we’ll have to watch Leia be shot down in front of our own eyes…in IMAX…in 3D? Gees, I hope not! Kylo paused before killing his father, this is his chance to decide not to kill his mother. Doesn’t he know that Uncle Luke has been found and that there’s going to be an encounter sooner or later? I’d leave Snoke behind and hope that his mother can forgive him.



Who is Snoke? What are his plans? Where does he come from? Is he a Sith? Will we find out? I think I have more questions about him than anything else.

Get Over Yourself, Porgs are Awesome!


I don’t give a fluffy Ewoks behind if you think the Porgs are annoying and loud. They’re adorable and cute, and I want one. Wait, I already have a Funko Porg. Well then, I want another and another. I want a whole army of Porgs!

I Think We Were All Surprised by the Ice Fox


Finn VS. Phasma


I’m on Finn’s side, but I think he’s going to get his rear end kicked. Phasma has got to be ticked off that he put her in a garbage compactor.

“This is not going to go the way you think.” Luke Skywalker has become very wise over the years. We should take his words to heart. Whatever happens in the glorious two and a half hours of The Last Jedi, it probably won’t happen the way we think it will.

Only 65 days until The Last Jedi hits theaters.

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Force Friday II

It’s finally here! Well, Force Friday II anyway. We’re still a few months away from The Last Jedi. Until then, we can start drooling over a bunch of new toys to play with. Here are my favorites.


Five Favorite Force Friday II Releases

 1. 7,541 piece Lego Millennium Falcon

Mell Falcon

Even if I could afford the hefty $800 price tag, this beautiful space ship is nearly three feet long and probably weighs as much as a toddler. I’m going to need a bigger house.

2. Sphero BB-9E and R2-D2

Sphero Robots

Another item that’s a smidge out of my price range. It’s ONLY $150. Want. So much want! I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch their toy watch a movie? Cool feature.

3. Porgs


There will be a few different toy variations of these critters, so I’m not sure which I want to most. A plush to snuggle with or a Funko for my desk? Hmm.
(Before this blog post was even published, my husband went to GameStop, saw the limited edition Funko Porg, and bought it. I guess that was meant to be.)

4. BB8 Lego

BB8 Lego

Why are most of my favorite things so expensive? No fair!

5. Action Figures

Action Figures

These are more in my price range at under $10 a piece. But if I buy one, then I need another and another and etc.

May the force be with you!

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Missing Retail

I’ve been trying to come up with five things that I miss about retail and it’s harder than I thought. That’s probably because my new job is going so well. The funniest part is that for every one thing I miss about retail, there’s three things that I don’t.

Things I hate about retail:
When a customer puts their money on the counter or belt.
Screaming children
Customers who decide at check-out that they don’t want half the stuff.
Friday means nothing
Random shifts, always different
People in pajamas
Christmas music
Complaints about prices
Customers mentioning the nice weather outside

Specific to my last job:
It was always hot inside
Some people would talk your ears off
The carpet was stained and gross to look at
I spent too much money

Now I’m working full-time. I have to get up at a respectable hour, put my big girl pants on, and head out the door with a coffee that’s not quite strong enough for the whole day. So far, I’m enjoying learning how to use new programs and problem solve issues that arise.

Five Things I Miss About Retail

1. Co-Workers


I worked with a surprisingly decent amount of good people. Most didn’t talk to me much (I don’t mind, I’m interesting enough inside my own head.) When my co-workers did talk to me, at least they had something interesting to say. Sure, there was some drama, but I enjoy hearing about people’s lives in small doses. Going on for ten minutes about negative family drama: boo! A few minutes of planning your Disney vacation: TELL ME MORE!

2. Regular Customers


It means a lot to me when other people understand certain quirks about retail. You hand me your money, awesome. You count out 24 pennies, not so much. You carefully empty the contents of your cart on the belt, cool. You place the basket on the belt and expect me to empty it, grr! You smile, ask about my day, say please and thank you, and I’m going to look forward to you coming back. Come in wearing pajamas, smell awful, and start demanding things, I’m not going to be motivated to helping you much. Be polite, people!

3. Knowing Where Products Are Located


This is a refined skill that you have to learn at every new retail job. What does the store sell? Where is it? Of course, it doesn’t help if the product is moved around from display to different display twice a week. Bonus, it helps if you can tell people where they can find fidget spinners (no, the dollar store doesn’t have them.)

4. Clearance Items


There was never a whole lot on clearance at the dollar store, but it’s something I’m always on the lookout for.

5. Limited Edition Items


I remember when the store got in Jell-O Creations. Oh. My. Yummy! There were some things that would come in and they would cost so much more elsewhere. Star Wars micro machines for $1, but $5 at KMart. Sweet! I’ll miss seeing all the great things that came in and got snatched up right away.

All in all, I don’t miss working in retail as much as I thought I would.

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday: Fidgets and More

What a fun weekend this is and it’s hardly begun! It started with my dear friend visiting, garage sales, and watching my hamster zip around in her ball (you can’t buy that kind of entertainment). I’ve got a couple projects lined up, mostly cleaning and catching up on TV, but I’m trying to cherish my free time. Starting Tuesday I work full-time. I have to learn silly things like waking up early and staying awake 9-5 without a nap.

I’m doomed.


I’m also determined so there just might be hope.

Five Favorite Fidgety Things and More

1. Garage Sales!


It’s that wonderful time of year when you can put a price tag on your old crap. I personally haven’t participated in a garage sale in a while because living in an apartment gives you little room for storage. So, all my stuff goes straight to the thrift stores. However, I love driving through the neighborhood to see what little gems I can find. The best thing I ever scored was a Darth Vader helmet.

2. This is sand App


I stumbled across this in the Apple App Store the other day. It’s a creative way to create works of art with different colored sand. You don’t have to be artsy to make something beautiful.

3. Pusheen Coloring Book


This was a recent gift from a dear friend of mine. I’m enjoying taking a break from the detailed adult coloring books and just having fun with this adorable cat.

4. Hamsters in a House


My husband made the mistake of letting me go inside Toys R Us. 30 year old woman turned 10 year old squealing girl ensued. Did you know they sell American Girl dolls there now? Have you seen how big the Star Wars section is? Look at the awesome scooter! Oh, oh oh oh oh, look! HAMSTERS! I love hamsters, they’re so cute, I want them all, can I get one, oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE?!

I got one little hamster (Chubby), and all the other hamsters and accessories are on my wish/Christmas list.

5. Fidget Spinner Madness


‘Nuff said. I love watching everyone on the internet go nuts about them.

2017-05-22 20.18.04

Look at that, fidget spinners in their natural environment.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday Post-Easter Discoveries

This week has been a lot less eventful than I’m about to make it sound. For instance, #3 SimCity has taken over a large chunk of my free-time. I did manage to keep the house in tip-top shape. The vacuum suction indicator has been at half capacity for a while, so I took it apart. There was no clog to be found but I did find out how disgusting it is to take compressed air to the crevices of a vacuum. After a harsh hour the indicator still didn’t budge, but the vacuum looks brand new. Or at least it did until I cleaned again.

Five Favorite Post-Easter Discoveries

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Last weekend was Star Wars Celebration. To those of you who don’t know, it’s basically Comic-Con, but just Star Wars, so much Star Wars! I caught a few panels and my favorite part was the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Last Jedi.

I’ll just leave the trailer here. It would take another whole blog post to dissect and try to interpret the different parts.

2. Flamingo Solar Dancer


This is the solar dancer that tipped the scales from my loathing solar dancers, to loving them. Call me crazy, but there’s just something about a pink flamingo in a hat, sunglasses, boxer shorts and sandals that makes me smile.

3. SimCity


I re-discovered the wonderful world of SimCity this week and as previously stated, I play it a lot. Sure, I still like my hamster app, and the Eggs app, and Tetris. But SimCity, it melts away time.

4. $1 Any Sized Drinks at McDonald’s


Nothing destroys my diet quite like McDonald’s. I’m doing great, a week without soda pop and I’m feeling pretty good and almost okay about drinking water. Then, the jerks at McDonald’s dangle this good deal in front of me. Thanks a lot! *Sarcasm.*

5. Last Minute Easter Shopping

2017-04-16 11.26.04 fav - Copy

Unlike most people frantically shopping for Easter eggs and candy at the last minute, I unfortunately dug into the back of my wardrobe and couldn’t find a thing to wear on Easter Sunday. My husband was quick to rush me to the store and stick by my side while I tried on dress after dress. I’m more of a jeans and a nice shirt gal, so dress shopping was a potentially hazardous task. Thankfully we found a sale, a coupon, and a dress I can wear to numerous events.

Have a great weekend!