Five Things Friday: Missing Retail

I’ve been trying to come up with five things that I miss about retail and it’s harder than I thought. That’s probably because my new job is going so well. The funniest part is that for every one thing I miss about retail, there’s three things that I don’t.

Things I hate about retail:
When a customer puts their money on the counter or belt.
Screaming children
Customers who decide at check-out that they don’t want half the stuff.
Friday means nothing
Random shifts, always different
People in pajamas
Christmas music
Complaints about prices
Customers mentioning the nice weather outside

Specific to my last job:
It was always hot inside
Some people would talk your ears off
The carpet was stained and gross to look at
I spent too much money

Now I’m working full-time. I have to get up at a respectable hour, put my big girl pants on, and head out the door with a coffee that’s not quite strong enough for the whole day. So far, I’m enjoying learning how to use new programs and problem solve issues that arise.

Five Things I Miss About Retail

1. Co-Workers


I worked with a surprisingly decent amount of good people. Most didn’t talk to me much (I don’t mind, I’m interesting enough inside my own head.) When my co-workers did talk to me, at least they had something interesting to say. Sure, there was some drama, but I enjoy hearing about people’s lives in small doses. Going on for ten minutes about negative family drama: boo! A few minutes of planning your Disney vacation: TELL ME MORE!

2. Regular Customers


It means a lot to me when other people understand certain quirks about retail. You hand me your money, awesome. You count out 24 pennies, not so much. You carefully empty the contents of your cart on the belt, cool. You place the basket on the belt and expect me to empty it, grr! You smile, ask about my day, say please and thank you, and I’m going to look forward to you coming back. Come in wearing pajamas, smell awful, and start demanding things, I’m not going to be motivated to helping you much. Be polite, people!

3. Knowing Where Products Are Located


This is a refined skill that you have to learn at every new retail job. What does the store sell? Where is it? Of course, it doesn’t help if the product is moved around from display to different display twice a week. Bonus, it helps if you can tell people where they can find fidget spinners (no, the dollar store doesn’t have them.)

4. Clearance Items


There was never a whole lot on clearance at the dollar store, but it’s something I’m always on the lookout for.

5. Limited Edition Items


I remember when the store got in Jell-O Creations. Oh. My. Yummy! There were some things that would come in and they would cost so much more elsewhere. Star Wars micro machines for $1, but $5 at KMart. Sweet! I’ll miss seeing all the great things that came in and got snatched up right away.

All in all, I don’t miss working in retail as much as I thought I would.

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Morning Energizer

The shadow of working a long weekend in retail is upon me. There is no escape. My only hope is that through the powers of caffeine and polite customers I can come through it unscathed.

Yes, I realize I’m being dramatic. If you’ve ever worked retail, you understand.

It’s been a rough week, my husband was on a business trip, I burned most of my meals, and I’ve had some difficult choices to make. Sim City has helped with some of the stress, but I find that my days are just better if I start them out right.

Five Favorite Morning Energizers

1. Coffee


Obvious, but always a great way to start the morning. Coffee with a little cream to sweeten it.

2. Breakfast


I enjoy a warmed-up chocolate pop-tart but my digestive system likes to remind me that I’m an adult now and need to make healthier choices. So, LIFE cereal is sufficient for a fast breakfast.

3. Light Exercise


Sweating is not what I enjoy before my coffee or breakfast. Sure, it’s important to get the blood flowing, so I do some stretches and a little walking. It’s amazing how many steps you can get in just by picking up the house a little.

4. Time with Pets


Time with my husband would be better, but he gets up earlier than I do. Next best thing, giving the pets attention before my day gets going.

5. My Mom

2017-04-25 15.24.17

My mother is like a triple shot of espresso the moment her feet hit the ground. Since I am not a morning person, my energizer bunny with bouncy springs of my mother scares the crap out of me. How does she do it? I’m a night owl, I do not understand the ways of the morning person or their mysterious perkiness.

There are so many ways in which my mother inspires me. Both my mothers! My mother-in-law is a nurse and I can never complain about my job to her because she probably works 10x harder than I do! Plus, she wakes up at 5am everyday, I don’t think I can ever do that. I’m blessed with two wonderful mothers who are great role models for me to grow into a better woman.

I love you Mom K. and Mom W.

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.


Five Things Friday: Active Week!

You’ve probably heard that January is the peak time when people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It’s basically a wintertime depression. The craziness of Christmas is over, the days are still short, the skies are cloudy, and you just want to stay in bed until summer.

My point in bringing up SAD is this; the third Monday of January is called Blue Monday, it’s the most depressing day of the year. Usually I’m down for the count around this time. I stay in bed all day, I don’t eat much, and my outlook on life is grim.

This last year has been a turning point with my own mental health. I’m much more stable than I’ve ever been and I’m aware when things trigger stress and distress. Essential Oils have been helping and so has physical fitness. One of my goals is to lose some weight this year, and I’m serious about it!

Instead of being lazy, I’m pushing myself this week to be more fit than any other week in the last year. That’s why I’m proud of myself for the first item on the list.

Five Things Friday!

1. 15,000 Steps in a Day!


The whole week I’ve been making myself get on the treadmill and get moving until I sweat. I’ve hit 10,000 steps four days so far this week! This makes me feel so great, not just because I’m accomplishing something good for my health, but because I have more energy and I’m sleeping better at night.

2. Peppermint Oil


I’m a huge fan of peppermint oil. I put it in my shampoo, my hot chocolate, my skin, and I diffuse it. In these dry, winter months, it helps me to breathe better. Here’s a good site to check out more information.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events


Patrick Warburton’s portrayal of Lemony Snicket is so perceptive (the word perceptive means having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition), of the story of which he is narrating. The Netflix episodes, of which I am not quite half-way through, leave me yearning for more and weeping over the fact that I have not yet read these books.

4. Uplifting Others


Working in retail means that I meet a lot of different people everyday. When I’m on the clock that’s my cue to smile and be kind to everyone I meet. Some people make that very difficult! It’s impossible to like everyone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You never know what other people are going through. When I’m depressed, I need a smile and a friendly face. I don’t want others feeling down either. So, I smile, ask how their day is and wish them well. It takes practice to learn positivity, but smiling is simple.

5. Bible Verse Psalm 18:2


Yesterday was difficult when things took an unexpected turn. I injured my foot and had to dial back my fitness regime. Mostly I was just glad that nothing more serious happened. This verse came to mind and was running through my head all day. Finally, I sat down with my calligraphy markers and wrote it out.

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday: Glitter!

This one goes out to all the retail workers currently dealing with holiday merchandise. It’s not always holly jolly, but it can be hard not to get your tinsel in a tangle after the hundredth time the radio plays your least favorite Christmas song. Or stores packed with shoppers and no parking spots. Or people “driving” in the snow. Or…GLITTER EVERYWHERE and ON EVERYTHING!

Five TEN Things I Don’t Like About Glitter!


  1. It gets all over your skin and won’t come off!
  2. It gets in your hair and won’t wash out for a week!
  3. It won’t come off shoes, I’ve tried.
  4. Glitter gets stuck in undergarments, yes, I know, eww!
  5. It’s in my bed-sheets
  6. It doesn’t vacuum up well.
  7. It gets inhaled and I start coughing up a hairball.
  8. Glitter WILL give you an eye infection.
  9. The cleanup in never-ending.
  10. Glitter makes it look like you’ve just come from a second job, haha, no.

Am I missing anything? Because I know the list should be longer than that.

Happy Holidays everyone. May your days be warm and bright-but-without-the-twinkle-of-glitter.

-Kristina Wise

Zest to Rest

What a crazy weekend! Working in retail again has given me more energy (except for the first hour after work when my feet are screaming), and I worked a few shifts where the time flew by due to so many customers. I’m employed at a dollar store, everything is a dollar, except for a few items that are a little cheaper. This is an opportunity to test my patience and not splurge my whole paycheck there.

Thus far I have purchased my first adult coloring book. I’m working on Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas. The only problem I have with the books is that the smallest, detailed coloring is aggravating the tendinitis in my right wrist and hand. Other than that it’s quite enjoyable.

2016-07-04 19.23.42

Saturday evening my husband and I went to a friends house in the country and enjoyed their display of fireworks. You know what’s awesome? Noise proof earmuffs! Without them I might have had a meltdown. Since our small city doesn’t do public fireworks, it was nice to have somewhere to view them.


Sunday we had our monthly pilgrimage to Grand Rapids for our big city shopping. We bought hand sanitizer and TimBits. Oh yeah, big spenders. Plus, Celebration Cinema was nice enough to take our expired movie passes, so we saw Independence Day 2: Resurgence. Not as good as the first installment, but still a lot of fun.

Today I crashed hard. I had all these plans to clean the house and organize the computer room. None happened. Shawn did the laundry and I played games on my computer. He cleaned the bathroom and I took a nap. I did help make chicken for dinner, now I’m thinking about watching a movie in bed while I “rest my eyes.”

Holidays are a great time to catch up if you need to, or get some needed sleep. I have a few symptoms that may mean I’m getting a cold, which makes sense to me since I’m handling money at work. I’m doing all I can to offset possible illness, taking meds, relaxing, drinking lots of water, and washing my hands.

Happy Independence Day everyone!