Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Missing Retail

I've been trying to come up with five things that I miss about retail and it's harder than I thought. That's probably because my new job is going so well. The funniest part is that for every one thing I miss about retail, there's three things that I don't. Things I hate about retail: When… Continue reading Five Things Friday: Missing Retail

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Morning Energizer

The shadow of working a long weekend in retail is upon me. There is no escape. My only hope is that through the powers of caffeine and polite customers I can come through it unscathed. Yes, I realize I'm being dramatic. If you've ever worked retail, you understand. It's been a rough week, my husband… Continue reading Five Things Friday: Morning Energizer

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Active Week!

You've probably heard that January is the peak time when people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It's basically a wintertime depression. The craziness of Christmas is over, the days are still short, the skies are cloudy, and you just want to stay in bed until summer. My point in bringing up SAD is this;… Continue reading Five Things Friday: Active Week!

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Glitter!

This one goes out to all the retail workers currently dealing with holiday merchandise. It's not always holly jolly, but it can be hard not to get your tinsel in a tangle after the hundredth time the radio plays your least favorite Christmas song. Or stores packed with shoppers and no parking spots. Or people… Continue reading Five Things Friday: Glitter!


Zest to Rest

What a crazy weekend! Working in retail again has given me more energy (except for the first hour after work when my feet are screaming), and I worked a few shifts where the time flew by due to so many customers. I'm employed at a dollar store, everything is a dollar, except for a few… Continue reading Zest to Rest