Five Things Friday: Fall TV Shows

It’s a little hard to say “Happy Fall” when it’s 90+ degrees outside. It seems like everyone else is experiencing a normal fall. They’re cuddling in blankets and drinking hot chocolate. I’m sweating in a tank top and gulping ice water. The changing colors of the leaves are so pretty! But I know better then to step outside into the hot furnace.

So, what’s a girl to do when all the pools and beaches are closed down? Time to Netflix and stay chill! (Get it? Lol!)

Five Favorite Fall TV Shows

  1. Young Sheldon


I can’t wait to find out if this is as good as it looks. With…how many? Ten, eleven seasons of Big Bang Theory, it will be so cool to learn more about Sheldon Cooper as a child.

2. Big Bang Theory


I don’t think an explanation is necessary. This show is fully awesome.

3. Once Upon a Time


I gave up on this show last season, and then binged watched it all in a weekend. Season 6 ended wonderfully. It’s going to be weird with half the original cast gone this season, I’m not sure they can pull it off.

4. Fuller House


Season three of this show just came out on Netflix today. Want to know why this post is published so late? That’s because I’m multi-tasking poorly.

5. Stranger Things


Maybe fall will finally be here for me when season two comes out at the end of October. Either way, I’ll have goosebumps.

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday Parks and Recreation

Story time! So, I finished watching The Office for the tenth time and I was wondering what I should binge watch next. My Netflix homepage was open, I was staring at the screen, and I considered a show in the Trending Now category.

It’s three days later and I’m in love with Parks and Recreation.

Watching this show feels like massaging a part of my brain that needs humor. I’m watching it now. I can’t tare myself away.

Five Favorite People in Parks and Recreation

1. Andy Dwyer


He lived in the pit and rocks MouseRat!

2. April Ludgate


Sometimes you need a bit of brutal honesty. Also, she’s the voice of Grumpy Cat and you can’t get much cooler than that.

3. Ron Swanson


He’s so honest about how he wants to live. He says things that I feel that a lot of people want to say but don’t have the courage to.

4. Leslie Knope


I don’t know how she does so much in one day with that positive of an attitude.

5. Tom Haverford


This guy, Wow.

After surfing the Google Images page for the last hour, apparently I’m WAY out of touch with most of Parks and Rec. To be fair, I did just start watching it and I’m only in the middle of season 2. Please tell me it continues to be this awesome.

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday – Slow Week

What a week! I’m tired and yet not that much really happened. I’ve been taking my doctors advice and haven’t done too much. How boring. I feel like I’m caught up on current events, Facebook, Pinterest, and everything else. Now is probably a good time to find a new Netflix show to binge watch.


Five Favorite Things of the Week

1. Egg Inc. (iPhone App)


I don’t know why I like this game so much, it’s my husbands fault! He heard about it from a friend, I was curious as to why he was farming chickens and now I’m addicted. Like, HOURS a day playing this app. Run you chickens, run! Die fast drone, die!

2. Nintendo Switch


The big gaming systems are more my husbands thing, but I’m also a fan of Nintendo, especially when it comes to my favorite plumber, Mario! We pre-ordered, prepaid, and traded in a lot of games for this new toy. It didn’t cost us a penny. Shawn is sitting next to me now playing the new Zelda game.

3. Surprising my Husband


Whenever I go to visit my husband at work, I’m always greeted by the office cat. She sits on the desk and stares out the window most of the day, and gives me the most welcoming glare when I come around. The other day I surprised my husband with lunch. Nothing special, just pizza. It’s always fun to be spontaneous.

4. Constantly Cleaning


Do you know what happens when you get sick three times in two months? You get used to cleaning all the surfaces of your house. Every other day I’ve got a disinfectant wipe in hand. Our home has never been cleaner!

5. Doctor’s Orders – Taking it Easy


The last time I went to the doctor he told me the number one thing I need right now is rest. It’s funny how much I don’t want to rest now that it’s mandatory. I’m sitting in bed right now writing this instead of being in the computer room. This is comfy, I’ve got my two cats, my husband and the warm light of the salt lamp. Now I want to hit the bitterly cold streets and run a mile. Oh well. That can wait until summer when it’s warmer and my immune system has recovered.

Have a great weekend!

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but if I write down a list of goals that I want to achieve, I’m much more likely to get things done. In fact, I usually complete at least 75% of my resolutions.

In 2016 I finished writing a novel. Reduced debt. Got more exercise. Drank more water and less soda. Plus, I started this blog.

Here’s to 2017 and the best laid plans.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Lose 10 pounds


Not that I needed 50 reasons to motivate me! After years of eating Swiss Rolls and pizza everyday, my metabolism has finally caught up with me. Last year I got a Fitbit and that’s helped me get up and get moving. This year I’m going to start focusing on eliminating junk food (I still love you, Keebler cookies!) and eating more of the green stuff. I think they’re called vegetables, disgusting stuff!

2. Write More i.e. Blogging and Journaling


Just for one year I would love to consistently write in my daily journal every day. However, that’s setting the bar a bit high, so I’d like to at least try to do better. If I used a little bit of my spare time to sit down and blog, I know I could publish more posts.

3. Take Better Care of Teeth


When the dentist asks you about the last time you flossed, it’s natural to lie and tell them something like last night. Immediately after telling him that, I do the math to find out how long it’s really been. I can honestly say that I’ve flossed this year! This week in fact. It was quite the blood-bath, but I’m determined to be better about it.

4. New Hobby: Lettering


I’ve always enjoyed doodling with words, learning cursive, and trying out fancy handwriting. This is something I want to improve.

5. Reduce Wastefulness of Spare Time


Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, and Netflix are my biggest time wasters. I only work part-time so there’s not much stopping me from achieving my goals. It’s time to power down and focus on the hobbies and interests that make me happy.

10-20 years from now I’m not going to look back and think, “Gee, I’m sure glad I watched Friends re-runs ten times through that one year.”

What I want to say is, “Let me tell you a fun story about the year 2017. That was the year I got fit, ate healthier foods, developed new skills, became more productive, reduced debt, and spent a lot of time cherishing my family and friends.”


-Kristina Wise


5 Favorite Procrastinating Habits

I love the end of a workweek. For me, working in retail, that doesn’t always mean Friday. But this week it does, and I have the next three days off before I return for my second day of work.

Confession: blogging feels more like a chore to me lately. So does journaling or writing of any kind. Seriously, I haven’t made a grocery list or a to-do list in a couple of weeks. I’ve also barely touched a book. I finished one that I wasn’t that into and felt pretty blah about picking up the next one.

In the meantime, I’ve binge-watched full seasons of half a dozen shows on Netflix. I’m on a total New Girl kick and I have to keep convincing myself that as much as I want bangs, I hate how oily my forehead gets. Keep me away from the scissors.

The proper reaction to my laziness, I think, should be reflected in my blogging this week.

5 Favorite Procrastinating Habits:

  • Binge watching whole TV seasons
  • Eating cereal
  • Going for long walks at the gym
  • Daydream/Plot my novels
  • Do my nails

2016-06-24 20.09.28

Ta-da! I’m no expert, but I think they turned out looking sharp!

Tomorrow I’ll be out of the country. Doesn’t that make me sound like a million bucks? Yeah, right. I’ve got gas money and spare change for fast food. A couple of my friends and I are doing a day-trip to Canada. More on that later.

-Kristina Wise