Five Things Friday: Art Prize Nine

ArtPrize is an amazing array of art of any kind, displayed at many different venues, all competing for large prizes. This is my third year going, and it’s been around now for nine years. A lot of people in my area enjoy visiting the city of Grand Rapids to view the art. Even people who don’t like art. There’s something for everyone and it’s impossible to see it all. For example, Big Joe’s Worlds Largest Bean Bag Chair that is going into the Guinness Book of World Records this year, but we were too far away to walk a few blocks just to see that. Oh, well.

Here’s some of what I did see and enjoy.


Five Favorite ArtPrize Entries

1. Imagine

2017-09-30 11.42.04 - Copy

This is one of the first pieces of art that I saw at Art Prize this year. I love how Michael Duran created this with the swirls of paint and how it creates this pathway. I also took a few up close pictures and have one set as my iPhone background.


2. lllll.still.lllll

2017-09-30 11.47.50 Beads

A beautiful landscape by Marie Wohadlo, and when you look close enough, you can see that it’s made from tiny glass beads. Around 168,603 in quantity.

3. TARDIS Shared Library

2017-09-30 12.14.05 TARDIS

I spotted the large, wooden, time and space traveling machine from half a block away. Then, I nearly ran into oncoming traffic in my excitement to see it up close. This version of Doctor Who’s TARDIS means: Totally Awesome Reading Dispensary in Society. It’s a library, the take a book leave a book kind. Because books are fantastic!


2017-09-30 14.32.23

This polished stainless steel piece by Ryan T. Schmidt was spotted outside the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. It caught the reflection of the large fountain it was situated next to.

5. A. Lincoln

2017-09-30 12.31.10 Lincoln Pennies

A portrait of Abraham Lincoln, made of approximately 24,500 Lincoln pennies. Richard Schlatter is the creator of this masterpiece and won the Public Vote Grand Prize!

ArtPrize is only around for 19 days at the beginning of fall, so if you want to see it, you don’t have much time. My husband and I waited a week, it was the difference of ninety degree weather, and sixty. My parents came too, it’s always more fun to go with a group because no one sees a piece of art the same way you do. That reminds me of a quote from a favorite author of mine:


-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Fast Food Restaurants


Oh, FINALLY! What a long week it has been and I’m so ready for a couple of days to relax. I just want an iced coffee, a book and a kitty to cuddle with. That’s it, all weekend.

My husband and I do have plans that will take us to the east side of the state, Michigan, and I hope we can find one of my favorite fast food restaurants to eat at. Preferably Fazoli’s, since it’s been almost two years since I’ve ate there.


Five Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

1. Chick-fil-A


You and everyone else I know have probably already heard an earful from me about the glorious food that is available at Chick-fil-A. Ever since one moved in to the general area, I tend to gravitate towards it whenever I can.

2. Culver’s


My husband was telling a co-worker about Culver’s being confirmed and scheduled to break ground next month in our small city. Her response: “Do we really need another burger joint?” I was flabbergasted. Speechless. Culver’s is far more than a mere burger joint! It’s home of the butter burger and concrete mixers! Do take my word for it, you can’t find anything to compete with a Culver’s butter burger.

3. Biggby Coffee


If you’re looking for a good latte and don’t mind spending a fistful of dollars on one, then Biggby is for you. They’re like Starbucks, but not yet national. You can find locations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. They have a large coffee menu with the options of hot, iced or frozen. Or save a few bucks and opt for a regular brew of Biggby Best. That’s what I do. Also, the iced coffee is my summertime favorite.

4. Fazoli’s


I can’t be too mad that I don’t have access to a Fazoli’s because it was Chick-fil-A that bought the property I went to in Lansing, MI. The food is alright, but it’s the breadsticks that are to die for.

5. Taco Bell


Here’s where I’ve stumbled and gained a few pounds recently. I try to stay away from too many popular fast food places, but Taco Bell got their hooks in me. The $5 Double Chalupa Box. GIVE IT TO ME!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday: Weekend Activities

One of the absolute best things about working an office job: the guaranteed weekend off! Not to mention paid holidays. When the two come together you get a three day weekend. If your boss is especially kind, what with Independence Day falling on Tuesday this year, you might get a four day weekend!

What to do, what to do? I have some ideas…

Five Favorite Weekend Activities

1. Watch a Movie


I love sitting back on the couch and watching movies with my husband. We make popcorn, cuddle, and a cat or two joins us for attention. Or if it’s something new that we’re dying to see, ie Despicable Me 3, we brave the crowds, the screaming children and cell phone lights in the theater.

2. Eat Out


After a long week of half-hearted cooking and “Forget it, we’re having pizza rolls” for dinner, it’s nice to go out and have a nice meal prepared for you. Even if it’s just pizza. Also, it means you don’t have extra dishes to clean.

3. Local Shopping

2017-06-10 16.16.24

I love pursuing local shops with items made locally. If that includes chocolate, then I might just have to indulge a little.

4. Fun Exercise


Back in high school I played lots of sports, all the time, and I miss that. There’s an elementary school near where I live that has a basketball court and a huge lawn. I love going there with my husband to shoot hoops or kick around the soccer ball.

On a side note, I would love to own one of these giant balloons. How much fun would that be?!!!

5. Exploring New Places

2017-06-10 16.59.07

Nothing gives me so much joy as finding a new place place to visit. I can’t believe how many great cities Michigan has! A couple of weeks ago, I went to Rockford with my family. We ate pizza at a strange little place called Fatzo’s, walked around their start of the summer festival, sampled olive oils, and got some chocolate as pictured in #3.

It’s going to be a long weekend, have fun and stay safe.

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday

This has been an exciting week for trips to the mailbox! It seems like all my free samples are coming all at once. Cat food, more cat food, coupons, body products, and more. Mail isn’t so great when you’re an adult because it’s mostly bills and ads, so it’s great to see a teal PinchMe box or a red Crowdtap box clogging up the small space.

Although I haven’t hit the big fitness goals I did last week, I’ve continued to reach my step goals for everyday this week. Let me tell you, I love the two week streak, but I just want to lay down and eat cake. Lots of it. Exercising everyday is hard.

Then Friday snuck up on me and someone reminded me that I have a blog post to write.

Five Things Friday

1. Olay Duo


This came in the mail as a sample from PinchMe. I’m always open to trying new body products and I love exfoliating. The scent is Orchid and Black Current, which I love! It fills the bathroom with the aroma so that it always smells good. Plus, I can smell it on me a day after I use it. I might have to purchase one of these when I’m finished with my free sample.

2. China Glaze Nail Polish


While strolling around aimlessly at the grocery store, I found some bottles of China Glaze nail polish on clearance. Half off! It didn’t look old and I haven’t tried it before. Gave it a shot. WOW! Wonderful color!

3. My Favorite Book Recommendation Guy


A couple weeks ago I spent a good few hours reading book reviews and recommendations, desperately trying to find something new to read. I’m picky and nothing sounded good. Yesterday I stopped by Barnes & Noble because I was in town. My favorite bookseller was working, I was delighted! He’s gotten me hooked on a few different series that I love.

Now, I typically use the library more than buying outright, but I trust this bookseller enough to spend $10 on a book that I might only read once. Well, I was exhausted when I got home from my trip to the city, but I still managed to read the first few chapters of Storm Front, by Jim Butcher. So far so good.

4. The Chick-fil-A Experience


I love my hometown of Lansing, Michigan. I love visiting my family there. Now they also have a Chick-Fil-A (I might have mentioned it before). Dining there is awesome. Great food! I had lunch with my mother and got to treat her since I had a gift card. Plus, the whole time we were there eating, employees kept cleaning empty tables, taking away empty trays and asking if you need anything. I get better service there than from some waiters.

5. I Own My Car!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I first got my Chevy Aveo. What a great little car and this month I made my last payment on it! No more monthly payments, that’s hard to believe! I’m hoping my car lasts a few more years so that I can save up and buy a new car when I need one.

Have a great weekend!

-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday: After Christmas

It’s the busiest time of the year. I have three family Christmas’s to attend within the next week. Thank goodness I’ve had all my shopping done since before December!

In the wake of some stellar gifts I’ve received, here’s my favorites from this last week.

Five Favorite Christmas Presents (So far)

1. Socks


I love socks! They’re the best. They’re warm and fuzzy and make my feet feel awesome.

2. Winter White Dwarf Hamster


This is my new little critter, Rey. I’ve always had hamsters since I was young, and on my Birthday last Friday I was able to get her. She has a fascination with running fast on her wheel, very fast…until she stops suddenly, flips, and falls off. Then she runs around the cage and does it all over again. Silly!

3. Coloring Books


I got this beautiful coloring book called Creative Cats on Christmas day. The artwork is by Marjorie Sarnat and each picture is so unique and fun to work on.

4. Christmas Trees


My Aunt and Uncle had an open house for people to come and see their Christmas Trees on display. How many trees? 34. That’s right. Thirty-four! They’re all lavishly decorated and themed. Hallmark, Grinch, Downton Abby, Purple, Green and Red, Teddy Bears, Angels and so on. I think that Better Homes and Gardens should know about them.

5. Biggby Coffee


If you’re not from Michigan, then you won’t get this one. It’s kind of like Starbucks, but way better. My bestie got me Biggby coffee k-cups and my favorite flavor, Salted Carmel. The gift also came with a couple syrups, mugs and a blanket that’s as soft as a marshmallow.