Five Things Friday: Fall Photographs

I find it hard to brainstorm when I have a headache. The cause: math and tedious work on Excel spreadsheets. Just when I get cocky about learning how to do taxes, I have to deal with more numbers. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Sitting in front of a glaring computer screen doesn’t help the burning in my eyes. This morning as I was preparing for a long day at work, I remember telling myself not to worry about the blog. I’ll do it right after dinner.

So then I went to the movies. I mean, what else was I going to do during matinee pricing time with the help of a gift card? Geostorm looked awesome, it had epic storms and Gerard Butler! Honestly, I would’ve liked it better if it had more storms.

Here I am now, wanting to catch up on my TV shows or get back to a 500 page book I’m reading. But I feel obligated to write, so here’s what’s on my mind.

Five Favorite Fall Things to Photograph

1. Trees and Changing Leafs

2014-10-21 13.45.34

I love an opportunity to sneak in a picture of this handsome dog into this blog. Look at him, Chauncey the Corgi is stunning. Yes, he’s wearing a pumpkin costume, it’s earned him a few “accidental” dropped hot dogs. I love watching the leaves change color during this time of the year, and they make this corgi look stunning.

2. Pumpkins and Gourds


Carved pumpkins are great as long as I don’t have to deal with the slimy innards. I love how pretty the little pumpkins and gourds look.

3. Coffee and Hot Chocolate

2017-05-26 20.17.00

Hot beverages always taste best during the colder months. Surprisingly, I can’t find a good picture on my computer. I’ll have to fix that.

4. Doughnuts and Cider

2017-10-14 10.45.52-1

If you can splurge on $8 a gallon, fresh cider is the best thing next to fresh doughnuts.

5. Fall Decorations

2016-11-16 22.57.57 - Copy

I prefer fall decorations over Halloween decorations. They’re much prettier and showcase everything that is beautiful about the season. I’m particularly proud of this wreath I made last year, hot glue gun burns and all.

Happy Fall!

-Kristina Wise



Five Things Friday: Morning Energizer

The shadow of working a long weekend in retail is upon me. There is no escape. My only hope is that through the powers of caffeine and polite customers I can come through it unscathed.

Yes, I realize I’m being dramatic. If you’ve ever worked retail, you understand.

It’s been a rough week, my husband was on a business trip, I burned most of my meals, and I’ve had some difficult choices to make. Sim City has helped with some of the stress, but I find that my days are just better if I start them out right.

Five Favorite Morning Energizers

1. Coffee


Obvious, but always a great way to start the morning. Coffee with a little cream to sweeten it.

2. Breakfast


I enjoy a warmed-up chocolate pop-tart but my digestive system likes to remind me that I’m an adult now and need to make healthier choices. So, LIFE cereal is sufficient for a fast breakfast.

3. Light Exercise


Sweating is not what I enjoy before my coffee or breakfast. Sure, it’s important to get the blood flowing, so I do some stretches and a little walking. It’s amazing how many steps you can get in just by picking up the house a little.

4. Time with Pets


Time with my husband would be better, but he gets up earlier than I do. Next best thing, giving the pets attention before my day gets going.

5. My Mom

2017-04-25 15.24.17

My mother is like a triple shot of espresso the moment her feet hit the ground. Since I am not a morning person, my energizer bunny with bouncy springs of my mother scares the crap out of me. How does she do it? I’m a night owl, I do not understand the ways of the morning person or their mysterious perkiness.

There are so many ways in which my mother inspires me. Both my mothers! My mother-in-law is a nurse and I can never complain about my job to her because she probably works 10x harder than I do! Plus, she wakes up at 5am everyday, I don’t think I can ever do that. I’m blessed with two wonderful mothers who are great role models for me to grow into a better woman.

I love you Mom K. and Mom W.

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.


Five Things Friday 9.23.16

There’s this funny thing that’s been happening over the last few weeks. Every Thursday night as I’m sitting in front of my computer, I start to feel really accomplished when I complete all of my internet chores. And my chore list keeps getting longer.

So far, here’s my list of daily internet chores:

  • Bing searches on laptop and phone.
  • Inbox Dollars paid e-mails, searches, videos, and TV earnings.
  • Send Earnings paid e-mails, searches, and videos.
  • Swagbucks offers and nCrave videos totaling the daily goal (usually around 110).
  • Crowdtap polls, text response, media share, and photo response.

That’s my way of earning a couple extra dollars a day.

The list doesn’t include checking e-mail, Twitter, or refreshing my Facebook page twenty times a day. I don’t get paid for that level of procrastination.

Speaking of procrastination…

After getting everything done on Thursday night, I think to myself: Kristina, wouldn’t it be great if I got a head start on the blog? That way, it will be done and ready to post Friday afternoon. It’s at that moment that I find something, anything else to do. I always think that on Friday I’ll have some great idea for a blog topic.

I lost my train of thought just thinking of a punch-line to that.

I think that it would be appropriate then to make this weeks list about the different squirrels I get distracted by.

Five Things That Help Me Procrastinate

1. Earning Gift Cards Online


In the list above I state all the different ways I earn a little bit of extra cash. Sometimes when I want to delay a project for a few minutes, I try a couple of survey’s or look for a profitable offer I haven’t done yet.

2. Looking for a Snack


Ah, junk food. The pull of salty snacks is irresistible. Just before sitting down to blog today, I made myself scrambled eggs. Now I want something sweet, like brownies or cake. Or a dark, dark glass of chocolate milk.

3. TV Re-Runs


I may claim that I’m reviewing a show so that I’m ready for the next season, but that’s partially a cover up. I enjoy watching EVERY episode of EVERY season before the new one airs. When I’m done with that, I binge on off-air shows like Friends, Fraiser, Home Improvement, Alias, and others. You do not want to get me started on Star Wars Rebels, I’m so psyched for this season and what it could mean for Star Wars movies on down the line! Did I seriously just see a spoiler about Asaj Ventress? Is she back? Wait, don’t tell me!

4. Creating Something Else


Get this, I found out that if you mix together lemongrass and neroli essential oils, it smells like fruit loops! Oh, yeah! I also love to make lists, I already have Sunday’s grocery list done thanks to the weekly ad preview. I can’t wait, honeycrisp apples are on sale!

5. F5 or Browsing the Internet


That, right there, is a FINE looking Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His name is Chauncey and he is my lovable furball. His kind make for adorable corgi butt pictures and gifs. Do yourself a favor and search YouTube for “corgi bubble butt.” You’re welcome.

I can’t help it that my pets are so gosh darn photogenic. Now, take a look at these beautiful eyes:


Or these:


Can you see how easily I can can distracted?


-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday 8.26

At my job we’ve had fall and Halloween merchandise out for about two weeks now. In another couple of weeks the Christmas stuff will emerge. Wow. So, before we get swept away in pumpkin spiced everything, here’s what I loved the most about my summer.


Five Fondest Summer Memories

1. Hunting Pokemon


It’s been too much fun exploring my city to find all of the poke-stops. I know the best course to hit them all and which gyms to battle so that I can snag a high daily bonus. I haven’t walked into oncoming traffic or walked into a wall or tripped…yet. Although my enthusiasm for the game is wearing off, I’ll still look back on this as “pokemon summer.”

2. Lake Michigan

tunnelbeach stairs

I love our salt-free beaches here in Michigan, it’s the next best thing to vacationing in Florida. Sitting out in the warm sun, enjoying the waves and spending time with my hubby. A wonderful day.

3. Dog-sitting

2016-05-25 22.49.55

I’m more than happy to take the dog off my parents hands anytime they wish. Chancey the corgi is super well behaved and loves playing catch. I love this dog!

4. Ice-Cream and Walking Around Downtown

dairy barn facebook page

There’s nothing like a soft-serve cone on a hot day.

5. Canada

2016-06-25 11.54.17 - Copy

Oh, Canada. London was once again a fun town to visit with my friends. I’d love to go back and visit Niagara Falls. I’ve already seen them twice, but it’s worth seeing multiple times.

Sadly we will soon say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Truth be told, while I sit here roasting in my hot apartment, cold temperatures, blankets, hot chocolate and leg warmers sound appealing.

-Kristina Wise

Five Favorite Things

What a perfect spring week in Michigan! A typical week includes all four seasons within 48 hours, but this week was what everyone believes spring should look like. Everything is blooming thanks to almost daily April showers. It’s warm enough that I don’t NEED a coat, but cool enough that I still WANT one. My allergies have gotten a little better, so I can finally appreciate the leaves growing on the trees, the colorful flowers, and the freshly trimmed grass.

So, here are my favorite things of the week:

1. Spring Thunderstorms


We had a couple nights of weather activity. My husband and I shut off all the lights in the apartment, opened up the curtains, and sat on the couch to watch. Storm watching is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and it’s great to have someone to share that with.

2. Pretty Flowers


Specifically, daffodils. There’s a few others I like, but nothing quite says spring like spotting daffodils in a neighbors yard.

3. Fresh, Warm Air

warm air

Winter always seems to last too long. When I step outside and it’s not below freezing temperatures, I’m happy. If it gets above sixty-five, I’m definitely a happy person.

4. Choosing Desktop Backgrounds

owl desktop

I enjoy catering my computer to my needs. Just like the picture on my calendar changes once a month, I like my computer and iPhone to follow suite. They’re typically themed around the season, sometimes I’ll go with abstract images, or animal themed. I love owls, corgis and hamsters.

5. My Singing Monsters


I’ve been playing this world-building game ever since I got my first Ipod touch. I don’t know why. I can’t explain why I like this game. The monsters are so creatively unique plus they sing! So weird yet so awesome!

If you end up downloading My Singing Monsters, I should warn you that the songs they sing are highly addicting!

-Kristina Wise