Five Things Friday: Fall TV Shows

It’s a little hard to say “Happy Fall” when it’s 90+ degrees outside. It seems like everyone else is experiencing a normal fall. They’re cuddling in blankets and drinking hot chocolate. I’m sweating in a tank top and gulping ice water. The changing colors of the leaves are so pretty! But I know better then to step outside into the hot furnace.

So, what’s a girl to do when all the pools and beaches are closed down? Time to Netflix and stay chill! (Get it? Lol!)

Five Favorite Fall TV Shows

  1. Young Sheldon


I can’t wait to find out if this is as good as it looks. With…how many? Ten, eleven seasons of Big Bang Theory, it will be so cool to learn more about Sheldon Cooper as a child.

2. Big Bang Theory


I don’t think an explanation is necessary. This show is fully awesome.

3. Once Upon a Time


I gave up on this show last season, and then binged watched it all in a weekend. Season 6 ended wonderfully. It’s going to be weird with half the original cast gone this season, I’m not sure they can pull it off.

4. Fuller House


Season three of this show just came out on Netflix today. Want to know why this post is published so late? That’s because I’m multi-tasking poorly.

5. Stranger Things


Maybe fall will finally be here for me when season two comes out at the end of October. Either way, I’ll have goosebumps.

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Potluck Foods

Growing up home schooled, our family attended a lot of social gatherings to mark the beginning or end of some program. Be it a sports season, girl scouts, church function and so on. The best part is the potluck. Even as a very introverted child, I looked forward to these events because they always featured my favorite foods.

Five Favorite Potluck Foods

1. Deviled Eggs


2. Meatballs…in a Crockpot


3. Potato Salad


4. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes


5. Cheese and Meat Cubes



These days I love potlucks because it’s the best meal I have all week. I am truly grateful for everyone’s hard work. I’m the person who brings store bought cookies that I happen to have available on hand.

Five Things Friday: Force Friday II

It’s finally here! Well, Force Friday II anyway. We’re still a few months away from The Last Jedi. Until then, we can start drooling over a bunch of new toys to play with. Here are my favorites.


Five Favorite Force Friday II Releases

 1. 7,541 piece Lego Millennium Falcon

Mell Falcon

Even if I could afford the hefty $800 price tag, this beautiful space ship is nearly three feet long and probably weighs as much as a toddler. I’m going to need a bigger house.

2. Sphero BB-9E and R2-D2

Sphero Robots

Another item that’s a smidge out of my price range. It’s ONLY $150. Want. So much want! I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch their toy watch a movie? Cool feature.

3. Porgs


There will be a few different toy variations of these critters, so I’m not sure which I want to most. A plush to snuggle with or a Funko for my desk? Hmm.
(Before this blog post was even published, my husband went to GameStop, saw the limited edition Funko Porg, and bought it. I guess that was meant to be.)

4. BB8 Lego

BB8 Lego

Why are most of my favorite things so expensive? No fair!

5. Action Figures

Action Figures

These are more in my price range at under $10 a piece. But if I buy one, then I need another and another and etc.

May the force be with you!

-Kristina Wise


Five Things Friday: Greenville, Michigan

There’s something to be said about living in a smaller city. Sure, people still drive like idiots and leave their dogs outside barking for hours. But you can count the stop lights and the local news fits on one page.

Five Things Friday: Favorite Places in Greenville Michigan

1. Haan’s Bakery


A quaint little bakery with the best doughnuts to ever grace my taste buds.

2. Flat River Library


They participate in MEL, the Michigan eLibrary, so you can borrow books from any one of over 400 libraries in Michigan. Jackpot.

B.C. Pizza


Not specific to Greenville, but still a local favorite.

Jackson’s Landing


A park within walking distance of where I live and they have incredible walking trails.



Best place on earth!


-Kristina Wise

Five Things Friday: The Solar Eclipse

The excitement is mounting as the Great American Solar Eclipse draws near. It’s an event that you don’t want to miss! I’ve been planning and anticipating the solar eclipse for the last year. Everyone in the continental USA will be able to see at least a partial eclipse and many people are traveling to the path of totality, myself included.


I have two requests:
-Go outside and see this amazing occurrence, it could be the only time in your life that you’ll get the chance.
-Wear eye protection! Never stare directly at the sun. Obtain a pair of solar lenses for viewing the solar eclipse.

Five Facts About the Solar Eclipse

1. 12 States Are In the Path of Totality


2. NEVER look directly at the Sun!
ALWAYS wear Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses


Do you want to go blind? Of course not! Only when the moon has completely covered the sun is it safe to view the eclipse. If you can’t get the glasses, here’s another way to watch: How to make a pin hole viewer.

3. Total Complete Coverage is 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


2 minutes and 40 seconds of the moon completely covering the sun. The is the longest time frame you’ll have if you live in the southeastern states. In the west you only have 2 minutes. The whole eclipse, from the time the moon starts covering the sun to when it ends, will be around 2 hours long.

4. An Unforgettable Experience


Two to five solar eclipses occur each year on average, but total solar eclipses happen just once every 18 months or so. –


5. The Next American Eclipse is in 2024


Where will you be in 6 years? That’s a fun question. I definitely want to see the next eclipse in 2024. That’s probably the last chance I’ll get. The next American solar eclipses are in 2044, 2045 and 2078.


Time for me to start packing my bags. It’s at least an 8 hour drive from where I live in Michigan to where we’re heading for the Solar Eclipse. Here we come St. Louis!

Enjoy the Great American Solar Eclipse and stay safe!

-Kristina Wise