Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: What to do when It’s Too Hot

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Remember a few months ago when we were celebrating the beginning of spring with a snowstorm? It’s hard to imagine snow when the temperature hits triple digits. Our local meteorologist is calling for mandatory ice-cream state-wide. Smart guy.

When the heat index is this high it becomes a lot harder to cool off. There’s only so much that tiny window unit can do, and ours can’t keep up with a weekend of this heat. If you’re ever in a situation where your health is suffering due to the weather, I’d encourage you to reach out to a friend or find a local cooling center. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Five Things to do When it’s Too Hot

1. Make Refreshing Beverages


Whether you like lemonade or margaritas, there are so many delicious cold beverages to choose from. Icees! Frappuccinos! Water with lots and lots of ice cubes!

2. Catch up with Friends


For those friends of yours that have central air, don’t be afraid to seek sanctuary with them. Come for the cool off and refresh your friendship. Parents are a good call, too. They typically don’t mind when you come over to get out of the heat, just remember to turn off the lights that you turned on. Close drawers that you open. Take your shoes off at the door. You get the picture. You’re an adult now. Show them how much you’ve grown.

3. The Library is a Haven


The library has air conditioning AND summer reading programs for adults! That’s right, stay cool, read a few books and potentially win a gift card. So much win!

4. Let’s go to the Mall…Today!


Shopping, food, free AC and nothing else but good times.

Other great places to go: An aquarium, a local pool, the grocery store, a museum, the movie theater and the list goes on.

5. Did Someone Say Movie Marathon?


Since it’s too hot to do anything, you might as well settle in for a fun weekend. Which movie marathon is your favorite?

Stay cool this weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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