Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: How to Bring the Beach to Your Home

Copy of Five Things Friday!It’s summertime! Time to enjoy refreshing beverages, ice-cream, the sun and the surf. Except maybe you don’t live near the beach. I live in Michigan, we’re all about our lakes, both inland and great. Going to Lake Michigan is the highlight of my summer. The beaches are clean, the water is unsalted, and I just want to live there. Unfortunately I can only make the trip once or twice a summer.

Here are some ideas to bring the beach home to you so that you can sit back, relax, and not worry about tracking sand all over.

Five Things Friday: How to Bring the Beach to Your Home

1. Ambient Sounds


Here’s a link to my favorite ocean sounds: CLICK HERE

2. Make a Seashell Display


I’ll have to post my own picture soon. I have a bunch of shells that I plan on gluing onto a picture frame. Very soon hopefully since they’re taking up the entire kitchen table.

3. Paint Your Ideal Beach Getaway

2018-06-10 23.18.10

Right now I’m learning how to paint with watercolors. I won’t tell you that painting is easy – it’s really hard for me to work with wet on wet. I think I need better paper. Anyway, I still love how this painting turned out. And if you’re not artistic, there’s lots of fun, tropical pictures you can pick up at Hobby Lobby or even the dollar store!

4. Surround Yourself with Coastal Colors


If I could paint my apartment, I would’ve done so the week we moved in. Instead, I have seasonal throw blankets to match the seasons, for now that will do.

5. Bring Nature Inside

2018-06-15 18.15.09

I’m always on the lookout for flowers I can bring home from my nature walks. Plus, I finally took a leap and adopted a plant. I love the natural feeling, but I keep forgetting to water it because it never tells me when it’s hungry, unlike my cats twelve times a day.

6. If you have a Kiddie Pool, Use it


I want a kiddie pool to cool off in and I want this corgi. The end.


Wish me luck as I brave temperatures in the upper nineties this weekend.

-Kristina Wise



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