Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: My Do-Not-Buy List

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Impulse buys! Retail stores place products in clever places to make you want to buy more stuff that you think you need. Think end caps, center aisle displays, and the check-out lanes. You might think that it can’t hurt to pick up that pack of gum, but if you impulse buy every time you shop, then you’re doing your budget no good.

This is why I always carry a grocery list when I’m shopping. If it’s not on the list, I don’t think about wondering down aisles just for fun and I don’t browse just for fun.

There are always items that are safe bets to stock up on. Pasta, soup, cat treats, and laundry detergent. All these things will be used eventually.

Then there are items that I buy on impulse just because they’re on sale. Things like cookies, doughnuts, anything chocolate, any kind of movie theater type snack, and cereal. See the theme here? Empty calories that I don’t need. Stay away! Must not give in to the cravings!

Here are my top offenders that I struggle to say no to.

Five Things Friday: My Do-Not-Buy List

1. Pens


This is my greatest weakness. I always think that I need more pens. Back to school shopping displays are a challenge for me to walk past. It’s hard to pass up a good sale! This week I purged my pen collection. The above picture represents only some of many pens, and the ones that still work will be donated to teachers and students.

2. Wax Melts


These little things are addicting to me. It’s like an instant gratification candle without the fear of burning down the building. I’ve told my husband not to let me buy any more because we have about 10 packs of different scents.

3. 32oz Sodas

Club_Beverage Club

One of the biggest changes to my diet has been to reduce the amount of soda pop intake. No more giant 32oz or 44oz sodas! That means no stopping inside at the gas station. No big drink on the way out of the grocery store. And since Culver’s opened up I’ve hardly been to McDonald’s.

4. Books


Buying books isn’t a bad thing. But when I see bargain books, garage sales, or books sales at the library, I tend to go overboard. I used to buy books all the time that I had no intention of ever reading. Now I don’t buy a book unless I plan to read it more than once. Or if it’s Star Wars. Last time I counted, I have more than 300 Star Wars books. So, you see, I don’t have much room for anything else.

5. Magnets


I’m a sucker for a funny magnet. I know I am. I also like getting magnets when I visit new places. Some of them are really cool too! There does come a point when you run out of room for the coupons and other random stuff that gets put on the refrigerator.

6. Mugs


I remember the day – it was early in our marriage, and I said to my husband, “I don’t want to start a mug collection!” Just three years and twenty mugs later he likes to remind me of this.

Happy Weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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