Motivational Mondays #1: Peace and Quiet

Motivational Monday's

Motivational Monday’s #1
Peace and Quiet

Do you know what people who go camping want the most? Hunting? Fishing? Maybe campers want to forge off the land? Yes, those things, but what is at the heart of what campers want? The answer is peace and quiet.

Silence is underrated. Typically golden, although it could be silver if you use duct tape.

Nothing is so good at killing your work flow as being interrupted. You’re sitting at your desk, concentrating, and the phone rings or a co-worker comes over to chat. For me, I’ve thought about putting up a “do not disturb” sign while I’m doing the numbers.

Have you ever been interrupted while reading a book? My mother has “THE LOOK” perfected for that situation. I’m still in training. Julian Smith has a great song on the subject.

There are some great products out there to help block out the noise.

Treat yourself to a few hours without any TV or radio. Turn on a fan or some other white noise and see how relaxing it is to only hear your own thoughts. Brain too noisy? Try classical music or smooth jazz. Personally, I was able to read half a book this weekend without distractions (I’m a slow reader). It was wonderful.


How do you find peace and quiet in this noisy world?

-Kristina Wise


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