Five Things Friday: Helpful Journaling Tools

Copy of Five Things Friday!

Lately I’ve begun posting to Instagram again. I don’t have a nitch, it’s all random pictures from my day to day life. I like Instagram because it’s simple. It gives me a look at what I think is most important to snap a picture of. My pets, hobbies, nature, places and things that catch my eye. If you want to see it, click the tiny Instagram picture in the top right corner.

Many people are under the illusion that social media is a replacement for a personal journal. It CAN be, but I don’t think it SHOULD be. However, after a brief glance over my news feeds I see a lot of information shared that should maybe be kept private. Shoot, I do it myself! I’m getting better though. I used to post all the time about my struggles to sit down and write, now I don’t post about what I should be writing; I post what I have written.

I could rant and get on a few different tangents about my feelings regarding social media and the decline of the human race, but let me try to stay on track and make a decent segway into 5TF.

There’s something to be said about having your own personal space. Some people have a spot on the couch, a special coffee mug, or a home office. When I go out to eat at a certain burger joint (Culver’s Fridays are the best!), my husband and I have a spot we always sit at. Since they’re often busy, we have a back-up spot.

A journal, diary, or log is a sacred place. As a kid I could never find a place to hide my diary safely because my sister always found it. By the time technology and passwords came to our house, I had a pile of hand written journals that I enjoyed making, and no palm pilot was going to suffice.

In honor of taking the time to write about your own life, here’s a list of my favorite journaling tools. It’s a good starting place if you’re thinking about keeping secrets from your sister or even your computer.

Five Favorite Journaling Tools

1. Find the Right Notebook or App

This is the most important step to starting a journal. Find a place to write down your thoughts and remember where you keep it! Nothing is more frustrating than losing a notebook full of your writing or forgetting a password. ASDF1234 is not a secure pass code, BTW, per my IT husband’s advice.

2. Choose a Variety of Pens
2018-04-27 16.47.12

Don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself to just one pen – choose a few! If you have only one favorite pen, history can tell us that the exact style, shape and feel of that pen will never be the same. Or the company will stop producing it. Use a page in your journal to doodle and label each pen that you like.

3. Sticky Notes
2018-04-27 16.50.33

If you journal on a daily basis this a a great way to drop yourself a reminder. You can track your mood, remind yourself to take your medicine, feed the fish, and so on.

4. Stickers
2018-04-27 16.56.25

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw planner stickers at the Dollar Store! Plus, washi tape has been on sale recently at the local store. I love stickers and I enjoy finding ones that I can incorporate into my journals. By now my husband knows not to leave me unattended at Hobby Lobby.

5. Mementos

Adding a pocket to the back of your journal can give you a little extra room to save important items such as a plane ticket, concert ticket, movie stub, or receipt. With an app, you can take pictures of all these things and store them in the cloud for safekeeping.

I shouldn’t forget to leave out one very important detail for if you choose to stick with pen and paper. Pay close attention here folks. This will make or break you. Ready? Here it is: before you start journaling, double check that everything you use is acid free! Yeah, that means no crayons and be careful of dollar store stickers. It would be a shame to pick up an old journal and find yellowed pages, pages sticking together, or in my case, baby blue gel pen ink that has almost completely faded.

One last thing.

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.
-Quote from Benjamin Franklin

Have a good weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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