Five Things Friday: Spring Warmth

Copy of Five Things Friday!

The local news meteorologist posted the following ‘nice weather warning’ to his Facebook page today.


Very funny! Honestly, this is Pure Michigan truth. I could hardly wait to run out the door this morning without my coat! The sun was out, the temperature was in the fifties and I was ready to enjoy it. I’ll take that vitamin D and a little exercise. I even spotted some flowers in bloom.
2018-04-20 14.21.08-2

Five Favorite Ways to Celebrate the First Warm Weather Weekend

1. Crank up the Tunes
I love a well-structured playlist. They’re so much easier to make nowadays. Back when it was called “Mix tapes,” I had to sit next to the radio and time hitting the record button right after the DJ stopped talking and the song started. So much work! Thankfully the digital world changed that.
Some people are really good at making up playlists to celebrate Birthdays, events, and parties. I can think of a few songs that would be great to celebrate Spring. Hello Sunshine -Barlow Girl. Celebrate Good Times -Kool and the Gang. Here Comes the Sun -The Beatles. It’s a Beautiful Morning -The Rascals.

2. Smell the Flowers (Unless you have Allergies)
It’s exciting to see the first spring blooms, at least it is to me. While I was out today I saw crocuses and daffodils all over, just a few days away from blooming. That will give me incentive to retrace my steps next week.

3. Embrace the Florals
I don’t want to say that guys can’t wear pink or anything like that…but please be considerate to peoples eyesight and have some sense of fashion. Floral blouses are my new favorite shirt. They’re light, pretty and there are so many different patterns! My taste in them is consistent because I have a couple that are nearly identical.

4. Nature Trails
2018-04-20 17.23.43
Greenville Michigan may not have a Biggby Coffee (that’s like a Starbuck’s, only better), but this city does have miles of amazing nature trails! Above is a picture I snapped earlier today, it will look spectacular once the last remnants of snow melts and the greenery comes in.

5. Let the Fresh Air In
There’s nothing like the smell of clean linen all warm and fluffy from the drier. Well, except for airing out the house after a LONG winter. Ours has had a note of peppermint lingering around. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but a bit of fresh air helps to cycle out the winter staleness. You just have to try to keep the bugs out. My cat isn’t helpful with that. She sits still and stares at the bug until we dispose of it. Just sits. And stares. No meow to alert us that there is a bug. No nothing. Just, why is the cat staring at the wall? Oh wait, there’s a bug! Thanks for letting us know, cat. I’ll take it from here.

I hope that you have a beautiful weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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