Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: April Shower Essentials

Copy of Five Things Friday!

April showers bring May flowers!

I hope that spring will show up soon. At this time a year ago, I was taking pictures of daffodils and crocuses. This year, however, it’s a snow shower here, ice storm warning for this weekend and no sign of spring weather in sight. So, whether you’re splashing in mud puddles or carefully walking across icy roads, here’s your go-to list for the week.

Five Things Friday: April Shower Essentials

1. Umbrella
Which is better, the convenient size of the tiny, collapsible umbrella, or the jumbo giant one that you and all of your friends can fit under?

2. Boots
rain boots
It’s been too long since I’ve owned a pair of rain boots. They’re worth the investment too. My winter snow boots are pushing ten years old. This isn’t the first, or last time, that I’ll be using them in April.

3. Hot Coffee
coffee cup
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, whichever suites your fancy. I’d even settle for plain hot water just to keep my fingers warm in this icky weather.

4. Wind Breaker Jacket
Back when I ran a gift shop these things could sell themselves. I’ll always carry the memories of the delivery guy rolling in boxes and my excitement to see that it was the order of wind shirts. Oh what fun, and they’d be sold out in a couple of weeks. I wish that I still had a couple, you don’t realize how well they work until you’re out in the cold and the wind goes right through your sweater. Brr!

5. A Good Book
2018-03-18 10.41.10-2
It always comes down to having a good book with you at all times. Whether you’re waiting in line at the store, or hunkered down at home, a book can make your day brighter. I for one have a few that I’m reading, including the one pictured above; A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. During the winter/spring storm this weekend I’m planning to do some crafting while starting in on an audio-book – Armada by Earnest Cline.

Have a good weekend!
-Kristina Wise


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