Five Things Friday: Fall TV Shows

It’s a little hard to say “Happy Fall” when it’s 90+ degrees outside. It seems like everyone else is experiencing a normal fall. They’re cuddling in blankets and drinking hot chocolate. I’m sweating in a tank top and gulping ice water. The changing colors of the leaves are so pretty! But I know better then to step outside into the hot furnace.

So, what’s a girl to do when all the pools and beaches are closed down? Time to Netflix and stay chill! (Get it? Lol!)

Five Favorite Fall TV Shows

  1. Young Sheldon


I can’t wait to find out if this is as good as it looks. With…how many? Ten, eleven seasons of Big Bang Theory, it will be so cool to learn more about Sheldon Cooper as a child.

2. Big Bang Theory


I don’t think an explanation is necessary. This show is fully awesome.

3. Once Upon a Time


I gave up on this show last season, and then binged watched it all in a weekend. Season 6 ended wonderfully. It’s going to be weird with half the original cast gone this season, I’m not sure they can pull it off.

4. Fuller House


Season three of this show just came out on Netflix today. Want to know why this post is published so late? That’s because I’m multi-tasking poorly.

5. Stranger Things


Maybe fall will finally be here for me when season two comes out at the end of October. Either way, I’ll have goosebumps.

-Kristina Wise


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