Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Improvement Goals

Summer is so great. The days are longer, outside is beautiful, and there’s so much to do. I always make at least one trip to Lake Michigan to enjoy the beach. Ice-Cream and Root-Beer Floats are amazing. Walking, running, riding a bike or swimming – there’s a lot to choose from.

I love summer.

Except that I don’t.

It’s always hot, even at night. There’s not enough ice-cubes in this world. Fans don’t blow strong enough for me. My skin has swollen. I sweat 24/7, it’s gross, but my pores have never been cleaner. The best part about my job right now is the heaven that is air conditioning. My boss won’t notice if I sleep under my desk, will he?

I want to love summer.

But I’m really looking forward to cooler weather. Blankets, hot chocolate and cuddling. That sounds amazing.

Okay, I’m coming back to reality.

I love to-do lists and I’m starting to do more things with my bullet journal. One of my life quotes is: Never stop learning! I want to do more and make a difference. Of course, that starts at home and it starts with me.

I need projects and goals to stay motivated and optimistic. That is why I’ll be discussing the improvement goals that I enjoy the most.

Five Things Friday: Improvement Goals

1. Higher Step Count Goals

2017-07-07 00.02.19

20,000 steps is the most I’ve ever done in a day and I don’t plan on beating that goal any time soon. I still remember the blisters. However, the heat makes it hard to move around a lot and I’ve been struggling just to hit my 5k step goal on a daily basis.


2. Keeping in Contact with Family and Friends


Even with social media, I find it can be challenging to keep up with my family and friends. Sure, I know what they’re posting online, but when was the last time we talked? Being a good friend is something that this introvert is always working on.


3. Better Housekeeping

2017-07-24 17.50.05

“If you take something out, don’t forget to put it away.” Wise words from my mother. The cat helped put away that can of tuna in the picture, but I had to deal with the rest. Cleaning up after myself is a life-long struggle. You do NOT want to see my hotel room when I travel! Towels everywhere!


4. Cook More

2017-05-24 17.31.45

There gets to a point when pizza, pasta, and frozen food start getting old. Thankfully, my social media pages are filled with lots of good ideas for dinner. I’ve made a great homemade chicken pot pie, chicken soup, and beef patties because of recipes I’ve stumbled across.


5. More Reading Time

2017-06-10 16.35.55

Believe it or not, Whose Butt is a real book!

I told myself that if I was going to buy a Kindle, I’d better use it to read more, and not just watch Netflix. I loaded it up with a couple dozen books and so far I’ve been reading a little bit more than usual. The problem is that I want to have read, not read. Just like I want to have written, not write. I want laundry to be done, and not have to do it. Okay, okay, you get my point.

Have a great weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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