Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Fast Food Restaurants


Oh, FINALLY! What a long week it has been and I’m so ready for a couple of days to relax. I just want an iced coffee, a book and a kitty to cuddle with. That’s it, all weekend.

My husband and I do have plans that will take us to the east side of the state, Michigan, and I hope we can find one of my favorite fast food restaurants to eat at. Preferably Fazoli’s, since it’s been almost two years since I’ve ate there.


Five Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

1. Chick-fil-A


You and everyone else I know have probably already heard an earful from me about the glorious food that is available at Chick-fil-A. Ever since one moved in to the general area, I tend to gravitate towards it whenever I can.

2. Culver’s


My husband was telling a co-worker about Culver’s being confirmed and scheduled to break ground next month in our small city. Her response: “Do we really need another burger joint?” I was flabbergasted. Speechless. Culver’s is far more than a mere burger joint! It’s home of the butter burger and concrete mixers! Do take my word for it, you can’t find anything to compete with a Culver’s butter burger.

3. Biggby Coffee


If you’re looking for a good latte and don’t mind spending a fistful of dollars on one, then Biggby is for you. They’re like Starbucks, but not yet national. You can find locations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. They have a large coffee menu with the options of hot, iced or frozen. Or save a few bucks and opt for a regular brew of Biggby Best. That’s what I do. Also, the iced coffee is my summertime favorite.

4. Fazoli’s


I can’t be too mad that I don’t have access to a Fazoli’s because it was Chick-fil-A that bought the property I went to in Lansing, MI. The food is alright, but it’s the breadsticks that are to die for.

5. Taco Bell


Here’s where I’ve stumbled and gained a few pounds recently. I try to stay away from too many popular fast food places, but Taco Bell got their hooks in me. The $5 Double Chalupa Box. GIVE IT TO ME!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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