Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Favorite Comics

I grew up with a decent collection of comics to read on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Now, there’s an app for that. To me, reading comics instead of books is like coloring pages instead of drawing them. It’s cheating, but it feels so good!

Five Favorite Comics

1. Garfield


Monday’s are the worst. Lasagna is the best. Diets are terrible. The refrigerator is heaven. Cats rule, dogs drool.

2. Get Fuzzy


A snarky cat, a dumb dog, and their poor sap of an owner who tries to keep the peace.

3. Calvin and Hobbes


A classic about a boy and his super-sized imagination.

4. Unshelved


This is a great series about a diverse group of people, centered on the librarians who work in a small town. It’s hilarious and anyone who’s worked for a library, bookstore, or has customer service experience will get a laugh out of this.

5. The Awkward Yeti


Shockingly relatable tid-bits that we all go through. Like how active your brain is when you want to sleep. Or wanting to chase butterflies instead of working. This is like a comic that I could see Pixar making into a movie. Your internal organs have feelings!

What are some great comics that I didn’t list?

-Kristina Wise


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