Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Staying Cool during the Summer

Can you believe that summer has barely started and it feels like it’s dragging on? So. Hot! So. Humid. Can’t breathe. Sun…too bright. Walls closing in.

Thank goodness there are things that I can do about this heat. Living on the top floor of an apartment with one small air conditioning unit is challenging. 85 degrees of “holy heck, how are we going to make it?!” There are ways, so easy and yet overlooked, that make the heat a lot more bearable.

Five Favorite Ways to Stay Cool During the Summer

1. Fans


Close the curtains to keep the heat out, turn on the fans and create a nice cross-breeze.

2. Iced Drinks


Water is obviously the best choice. Lemonade is also a summer favorite of mine.

3. Peppermint Oil


I love to use peppermint oil on the back on my neck to help cool down.

4. Cooler Showers

Cold Shower

You’d be surprised how easily you adapt to taking cooler showers. It’s so good for you and helps to lower your body temperature.

5. Indoor Window Shopping


Sometimes it’s just too hot and too much work to stay cool at home. That’s when I head out to the library, the grocery store, or have dinner out. I can enjoy their air conditioning while the sun goes down and the temperatures start to drop.

I see that ice-cream bars are on sale this week at the local grocery store. We’ll definitely use them this weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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