Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Morning Energizer

The shadow of working a long weekend in retail is upon me. There is no escape. My only hope is that through the powers of caffeine and polite customers I can come through it unscathed.

Yes, I realize I’m being dramatic. If you’ve ever worked retail, you understand.

It’s been a rough week, my husband was on a business trip, I burned most of my meals, and I’ve had some difficult choices to make. Sim City has helped with some of the stress, but I find that my days are just better if I start them out right.

Five Favorite Morning Energizers

1. Coffee


Obvious, but always a great way to start the morning. Coffee with a little cream to sweeten it.

2. Breakfast


I enjoy a warmed-up chocolate pop-tart but my digestive system likes to remind me that I’m an adult now and need to make healthier choices. So, LIFE cereal is sufficient for a fast breakfast.

3. Light Exercise


Sweating is not what I enjoy before my coffee or breakfast. Sure, it’s important to get the blood flowing, so I do some stretches and a little walking. It’s amazing how many steps you can get in just by picking up the house a little.

4. Time with Pets


Time with my husband would be better, but he gets up earlier than I do. Next best thing, giving the pets attention before my day gets going.

5. My Mom

2017-04-25 15.24.17

My mother is like a triple shot of espresso the moment her feet hit the ground. Since I am not a morning person, my energizer bunny with bouncy springs of my mother scares the crap out of me. How does she do it? I’m a night owl, I do not understand the ways of the morning person or their mysterious perkiness.

There are so many ways in which my mother inspires me. Both my mothers! My mother-in-law is a nurse and I can never complain about my job to her because she probably works 10x harder than I do! Plus, she wakes up at 5am everyday, I don’t think I can ever do that. I’m blessed with two wonderful mothers who are great role models for me to grow into a better woman.

I love you Mom K. and Mom W.

Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.



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