Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday, Favorite Chores

Somewhere in the back of my mind is this little place that likes to clean. I don’t always feel it, but when I’m in the mood, oh boy do things get done. As per usual, I start out with a to-do list. If there’s too many things to do or I just don’t want to list, I make a DONE list by writing down all that I did. Sometimes that’s easier.

Five Favorite Chores

1. Vacuuming


When you have pets, fur gets everywhere. It’s amazing how much you can vacuum up every week.

2. Dusting


I absolutely hate the sight of dust! On my books, on my desk, and cat litter dust too!

3. Dishes


I call my dishwasher Shawn, because that’s the name of my husband. He just LOVES doing the dishes. *Sarcasm.* So, I let him.

4. Laundry


Walking up and down three flights of stairs isn’t super awesome, but I love that moment when two matched socks find each other again.

5. Organizing


There is nothing I love more than to open my desk drawers to find everything where it belongs. I’ll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, I’m always getting better at organizing and making my space work right for me.



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