Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday Post-Easter Discoveries

This week has been a lot less eventful than I’m about to make it sound. For instance, #3 SimCity has taken over a large chunk of my free-time. I did manage to keep the house in tip-top shape. The vacuum suction indicator has been at half capacity for a while, so I took it apart. There was no clog to be found but I did find out how disgusting it is to take compressed air to the crevices of a vacuum. After a harsh hour the indicator still didn’t budge, but the vacuum looks brand new. Or at least it did until I cleaned again.

Five Favorite Post-Easter Discoveries

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Last weekend was Star Wars Celebration. To those of you who don’t know, it’s basically Comic-Con, but just Star Wars, so much Star Wars! I caught a few panels and my favorite part was the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Last Jedi.

I’ll just leave the trailer here. It would take another whole blog post to dissect and try to interpret the different parts.

2. Flamingo Solar Dancer


This is the solar dancer that tipped the scales from my loathing solar dancers, to loving them. Call me crazy, but there’s just something about a pink flamingo in a hat, sunglasses, boxer shorts and sandals that makes me smile.

3. SimCity


I re-discovered the wonderful world of SimCity this week and as previously stated, I play it a lot. Sure, I still like my hamster app, and the Eggs app, and Tetris. But SimCity, it melts away time.

4. $1 Any Sized Drinks at McDonald’s


Nothing destroys my diet quite like McDonald’s. I’m doing great, a week without soda pop and I’m feeling pretty good and almost okay about drinking water. Then, the jerks at McDonald’s dangle this good deal in front of me. Thanks a lot! *Sarcasm.*

5. Last Minute Easter Shopping

2017-04-16 11.26.04 fav - Copy

Unlike most people frantically shopping for Easter eggs and candy at the last minute, I unfortunately dug into the back of my wardrobe and couldn’t find a thing to wear on Easter Sunday. My husband was quick to rush me to the store and stick by my side while I tried on dress after dress. I’m more of a jeans and a nice shirt gal, so dress shopping was a potentially hazardous task. Thankfully we found a sale, a coupon, and a dress I can wear to numerous events.

Have a great weekend!




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