Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday Parks and Recreation

Story time! So, I finished watching The Office for the tenth time and I was wondering what I should binge watch next. My Netflix homepage was open, I was staring at the screen, and I considered a show in the Trending Now category.

It’s three days later and I’m in love with Parks and Recreation.

Watching this show feels like massaging a part of my brain that needs humor. I’m watching it now. I can’t tare myself away.

Five Favorite People in Parks and Recreation

1. Andy Dwyer


He lived in the pit and rocks MouseRat!

2. April Ludgate


Sometimes you need a bit of brutal honesty. Also, she’s the voice of Grumpy Cat and you can’t get much cooler than that.

3. Ron Swanson


He’s so honest about how he wants to live. He says things that I feel that a lot of people want to say but don’t have the courage to.

4. Leslie Knope


I don’t know how she does so much in one day with that positive of an attitude.

5. Tom Haverford


This guy, Wow.

After surfing the Google Images page for the last hour, apparently I’m WAY out of touch with most of Parks and Rec. To be fair, I did just start watching it and I’m only in the middle of season 2. Please tell me it continues to be this awesome.

-Kristina Wise


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