Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday Spring Favorites

Spring is officially here, even if it doesn’t feel like it where you live. Yesterday it was sunny and nearly seventy, today it’s been raining and in the thirties. The weather confuses me about which season it’s supposed to be. Hopefully soon I can enjoy all that spring has to offer. In the meantime, I’m diffusing lemongrass essential oil and constantly putting the wrong coat on. Either I’ll give up, or the weather will change in my favor.

Five Favorite Things about Spring

1. The Weather


I love going outside when the temperature is in the fifties or sixties. After a long winter, the cool to warm temps feel amazing. Then summer comes in like a beast pushing three digits and roasts us. I like to enjoy not freezing or burning.

2. No Need for a Coat


It’s so great to leave the house without all of my Eskimo apparel. Coat, gloves, hat, scarf, leg warmers, hand warmers, portable heater, NO MORE! Keys and phone. I prefer the shorter list, you can get out the door faster.

3. Walking on Nature Trails

2014-08-28 17.25.32

I took this shot from a couple years back. It was taken at a park I live near, but had never been to. When you’re ready to break out of cabin fever, exploring is easy and closer than you think.

4. Flowers


My favorite spring-time flower is the cherry blossom. There are many other high on the list such as tulip, daffodil, and snowdrop.

5. Fruit


There’s something about spring that makes me want to eat fruit. Not vegetables, ew! But I love a glass of orange or apple juice at breakfast. The smell of lemongrass! A strawberry and banana smoothie after lunch. Oh, spring, it makes me feel “cherry”. -Get it? Haha

-Kristina Wise


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