Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday Tech and Plans

Another slow week where my husband wishes that I’d stop playing the same iPhone games that he does. He works eight hours a day and I’m a chronic procrastinator. I guess it’s a good thing I never got sucked into Candy Crush or Words With Friends. Pokemon Go and Tetris are addicting enough.

When I’m not wasting hours on end playing games, I do spend some time being productive. Today I found in the mailbox a free 8×8 photobook coupon from Shutterfly. Yay! Last month I went to Disney World with my husband and mother-in-law. 2000 pictures to crop, edit and narrow down to my favorites. That should keep me busy for a while.

Five Favorite Things of the Week

1. Hamster App


Fun facts about me: I’ve owned hamsters since I was seven years old. I’ve bred hamsters before. When I worked at a pet store, they called me “The Hamster Whisperer.” Winter White Dwarf Hamsters are my favorite. I probably know more about hamster health and psychology than anyone in a thousand mile radius.

True story.

Needless to say, I love this app. As an added bonus, it’s available on the Apple app store and on Android.

2. Resetting iPhone


Instead of selling my old iPhone, I’m giving it to a friend who really wants to upgrade to a smartphone. 64GB full of apps and music. I found it hard to press “Erase iPhone,” and only did it when I was sure that all my content was transferred onto my newer iPhone. Because I’m a good friend, I set up the iPhone with her information and downloaded some Kristina approved games and apps.

3. Saying Goodbye to Old Technology

2017-03-05 13.06.13

My good old HP bit the dust last year so it’s basically just been collecting dust. It’s turns on and works okay, but for nine years old it’s seen better days. Get this, my husband was hanging onto a laptop that was twelve years old! We traded them both in at Best Buy last weekend for credit. It’s hard saying goodbye to a thing you’ve spent so much time with, but I think it’s time to move on.

4. Apple Cinnamon


Now that the paczki season is over, my cravings for apple cinnamon treats have returned. Whether it’s a cookie, pastry, or mush from KFC, I drool at the thought.

5. Making Travel Plans


There’s an event coming up this summer, it’s kind of a big deal; a solar eclipse. It turns out that our travel plans will take us through St. Louis Missouri. We’re not flying, we’re driving. And we’re doing the round trip in two days. Tight schedule, tight budget. We’re squirreling away every extra penny to pay for the gas, hotel and fast food. In the mean time, I’m learning a lot of self-control on anything I want. Hence, trading in laptops, abusing the library, playing free apps and learning new ways to prepare pasta.

Tomorrow, I’m hanging out with friends at the Women’s Expo. We don’t go there to buy anything, we go to spend time together. The fun part is trying to earn our tickets worth back in freebies. Hello, a years’ supply of pens!

-Kristina Wise


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