Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday – Slow Week

What a week! I’m tired and yet not that much really happened. I’ve been taking my doctors advice and haven’t done too much. How boring. I feel like I’m caught up on current events, Facebook, Pinterest, and everything else. Now is probably a good time to find a new Netflix show to binge watch.


Five Favorite Things of the Week

1. Egg Inc. (iPhone App)


I don’t know why I like this game so much, it’s my husbands fault! He heard about it from a friend, I was curious as to why he was farming chickens and now I’m addicted. Like, HOURS a day playing this app. Run you chickens, run! Die fast drone, die!

2. Nintendo Switch


The big gaming systems are more my husbands thing, but I’m also a fan of Nintendo, especially when it comes to my favorite plumber, Mario! We pre-ordered, prepaid, and traded in a lot of games for this new toy. It didn’t cost us a penny. Shawn is sitting next to me now playing the new Zelda game.

3. Surprising my Husband


Whenever I go to visit my husband at work, I’m always greeted by the office cat. She sits on the desk and stares out the window most of the day, and gives me the most welcoming glare when I come around. The other day I surprised my husband with lunch. Nothing special, just pizza. It’s always fun to be spontaneous.

4. Constantly Cleaning


Do you know what happens when you get sick three times in two months? You get used to cleaning all the surfaces of your house. Every other day I’ve got a disinfectant wipe in hand. Our home has never been cleaner!

5. Doctor’s Orders – Taking it Easy


The last time I went to the doctor he told me the number one thing I need right now is rest. It’s funny how much I don’t want to rest now that it’s mandatory. I’m sitting in bed right now writing this instead of being in the computer room. This is comfy, I’ve got my two cats, my husband and the warm light of the salt lamp. Now I want to hit the bitterly cold streets and run a mile. Oh well. That can wait until summer when it’s warmer and my immune system has recovered.

Have a great weekend!

-Kristina Wise



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