Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

This has been an exciting week for trips to the mailbox! It seems like all my free samples are coming all at once. Cat food, more cat food, coupons, body products, and more. Mail isn’t so great when you’re an adult because it’s mostly bills and ads, so it’s great to see a teal PinchMe box or a red Crowdtap box clogging up the small space.

Although I haven’t hit the big fitness goals I did last week, I’ve continued to reach my step goals for everyday this week. Let me tell you, I love the two week streak, but I just want to lay down and eat cake. Lots of it. Exercising everyday is hard.

Then Friday snuck up on me and someone reminded me that I have a blog post to write.

Five Things Friday

1. Olay Duo


This came in the mail as a sample from PinchMe. I’m always open to trying new body products and I love exfoliating. The scent is Orchid and Black Current, which I love! It fills the bathroom with the aroma so that it always smells good. Plus, I can smell it on me a day after I use it. I might have to purchase one of these when I’m finished with my free sample.

2. China Glaze Nail Polish


While strolling around aimlessly at the grocery store, I found some bottles of China Glaze nail polish on clearance. Half off! It didn’t look old and I haven’t tried it before. Gave it a shot. WOW! Wonderful color!

3. My Favorite Book Recommendation Guy


A couple weeks ago I spent a good few hours reading book reviews and recommendations, desperately trying to find something new to read. I’m picky and nothing sounded good. Yesterday I stopped by Barnes & Noble because I was in town. My favorite bookseller was working, I was delighted! He’s gotten me hooked on a few different series that I love.

Now, I typically use the library more than buying outright, but I trust this bookseller enough to spend $10 on a book that I might only read once. Well, I was exhausted when I got home from my trip to the city, but I still managed to read the first few chapters of Storm Front, by Jim Butcher. So far so good.

4. The Chick-fil-A Experience


I love my hometown of Lansing, Michigan. I love visiting my family there. Now they also have a Chick-Fil-A (I might have mentioned it before). Dining there is awesome. Great food! I had lunch with my mother and got to treat her since I had a gift card. Plus, the whole time we were there eating, employees kept cleaning empty tables, taking away empty trays and asking if you need anything. I get better service there than from some waiters.

5. I Own My Car!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I first got my Chevy Aveo. What a great little car and this month I made my last payment on it! No more monthly payments, that’s hard to believe! I’m hoping my car lasts a few more years so that I can save up and buy a new car when I need one.

Have a great weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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