Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: After Christmas

It’s the busiest time of the year. I have three family Christmas’s to attend within the next week. Thank goodness I’ve had all my shopping done since before December!

In the wake of some stellar gifts I’ve received, here’s my favorites from this last week.

Five Favorite Christmas Presents (So far)

1. Socks


I love socks! They’re the best. They’re warm and fuzzy and make my feet feel awesome.

2. Winter White Dwarf Hamster


This is my new little critter, Rey. I’ve always had hamsters since I was young, and on my Birthday last Friday I was able to get her. She has a fascination with running fast on her wheel, very fast…until she stops suddenly, flips, and falls off. Then she runs around the cage and does it all over again. Silly!

3. Coloring Books


I got this beautiful coloring book called Creative Cats on Christmas day. The artwork is by Marjorie Sarnat and each picture is so unique and fun to work on.

4. Christmas Trees


My Aunt and Uncle had an open house for people to come and see their Christmas Trees on display. How many trees? 34. That’s right. Thirty-four! They’re all lavishly decorated and themed. Hallmark, Grinch, Downton Abby, Purple, Green and Red, Teddy Bears, Angels and so on. I think that Better Homes and Gardens should know about them.

5. Biggby Coffee


If you’re not from Michigan, then you won’t get this one. It’s kind of like Starbucks, but way better. My bestie got me Biggby coffee k-cups and my favorite flavor, Salted Carmel. The gift also came with a couple syrups, mugs and a blanket that’s as soft as a marshmallow.


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