Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Glitter!

This one goes out to all the retail workers currently dealing with holiday merchandise. It’s not always holly jolly, but it can be hard not to get your tinsel in a tangle after the hundredth time the radio plays your least favorite Christmas song. Or stores packed with shoppers and no parking spots. Or people “driving” in the snow. Or…GLITTER EVERYWHERE and ON EVERYTHING!

Five TEN Things I Don’t Like About Glitter!


  1. It gets all over your skin and won’t come off!
  2. It gets in your hair and won’t wash out for a week!
  3. It won’t come off shoes, I’ve tried.
  4. Glitter gets stuck in undergarments, yes, I know, eww!
  5. It’s in my bed-sheets
  6. It doesn’t vacuum up well.
  7. It gets inhaled and I start coughing up a hairball.
  8. Glitter WILL give you an eye infection.
  9. The cleanup in never-ending.
  10. Glitter makes it look like you’ve just come from a second job, haha, no.

Am I missing anything? Because I know the list should be longer than that.

Happy Holidays everyone. May your days be warm and bright-but-without-the-twinkle-of-glitter.

-Kristina Wise


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