Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

What a wonderful week! Pleasant weather (that’s all changing tomorrow though), a few days off work, and more time invested into my hobbies.

Here’s Five Things Friday

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


I just got back from seeing the movie a couple hours ago. Aside from no Star Wars trailer shown beforehand, the movie was great. They included a lot of spells that we’ve seen before in the Harry Potter books and movies, threw out a few familiar names, and I definitely caught on to a few easter eggs.

2. Tetris Blitz


I used to carry around this pocket version of Tetris and I loved it, I was addicted, it got me out of talking to people. Nowadays it’s what sucks my iPhone battery dry.

3. Taking Advantage of Warmth


Investments into heating pads and blankets are a good idea for those affected by Michigan’s colder months. My cats have learned about them too. If I leave my heated blanket on, run to the bathroom, and come right back…my cat is already in my spot. I threatened to sit on her if she wouldn’t move. She didn’t, so we shared the space.

4. Unspoiled Seasonal Decorations


I love walking into a large superstore to see their massive displays of Christmas decorations. They look so pretty before the vultures get to them the day after Thanksgiving.

5. Christmas List

My Christmas Wish List, old style

Every year I type out a list on my computer. Not of the things I want, no, that list is on It’s what I’m getting everyone else. Since I’ve had a strict budget these last few years, I typically make homemade hot chocolate mix for a lot of people. This year I’m doing something different…and I’m not telling because some of those people read this blog! Anyway, I’m excited to bake Christmas cookies and shop for family white elephant gifts.

Plus, I’m planning a special Christmas season for my husband.

I can’t wait!

-Kristina Wise


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