Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

Here it is, another edition of 5TF, where I have a semi-interesting week and make it sound amazing! Quite honestly, I enjoy quiet life with just a few notable events. A lot of micro humor moments happen at work. I get excited when someone says: “I have a stupid question,” but the questions are never stupid. Wanting to know where the restroom is or if we sell bread are perfectly normal questions.

Here’s Five Things Friday!

1. Cub’s Win!


My dad has always loved the Chicago Cubs. Here’s a picture of me in the early 1990’s in his jacket.

2.My Cats’ Sweet 16


That’s right, my cat is now 16 years old! That’s 80 in human years.

3. Cashing out Big Earnings


These two websites pay me to open e-mail ads, watch videos and search the web. I’ve been saving up my earnings all year. I cashed out this week and am going to pay off a bill. So, one down, and too many more to go. But it’s progress.

4. Star Wars Lost Stars


I finally found an audio copy of this book without having to sign up for audible. It’s read by Pierce Cravens, not Marc Thompson, who usually narrates the Star Wars audio-books. I’ve got to admit, it was easy to get used to and the book is great. I didn’t expect to see familiar characters like Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia or Darth Vader. It’s a young adult novel with a cute romance between the two main characters. To me, it’s one of those books I regret not reading the moment it came out.

5. No NaNoWriMo – But I am Plotting


National Novel Writing Month takes place every year during the month of November. The goal to to help aspiring writers to pen or type out 50,000 total words (1,667 words per day). The reward? You’ve written a novel! How many people do you know who can write that much? I have…every year for five years. 2009-2013.

This is year I’m not participating because I’m plotting and re-writing a book I’ve already written. It’s still fun to see my friends updates of Facebook about their progress.


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