Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Halloween

Five Things I Love About Halloween

1. Candy


It’s hard to imagine starting off the first day of November without a fist-full of junk food. Tootsie-rolls, dum-dums, candy bars, gummies, mints and maybe a little bit of spare change.

2. The Race Against Time


I don’t know about where you’re from, but for my whole life Halloween started at 6pm and ended at 8pm. The tornado siren made that perfectly clear. Once I was unleashed, I loved running from house to house to see how much of the neighborhood I could hit up.

3. Costumes


There was a couple years that the whole family dressed up as M&M’s, so awesome. In recent years my fallback has been a Jedi, Sith or (I’ll be this for work on Halloween) Princess Leia.

4. Harvest Parties


Are you aware of how expensive apple cider is? As a financially responsible adult, I haven’t had any this year because there hasn’t been a good sale. The doughnuts, cookies, coffee and company, I love a Halloween party with friends and family.

5. Beautiful Scenery


It felt a bit off when I first started to see the leaves changing colors and it was eighty degrees out. But not it’s in the fifties and the city trucks are coming for the raked leaves twice a week. Living in an apartment, I don’t have to rack the leaves, so that makes them all the more enjoyable.

-Kristina Wise


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