Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Halloween Candy

At work I found out that I’m not scheduled on Halloween. I didn’t ask for it off because I didn’t have plans. I still don’t. Since I have the chance though, I guess as long as the weather is decent I might as well get dressed up and hand out candy.

Now I’m stuck with the dilemma of what candy to get. Part of me wonders what candy kids like best, or maybe what candy parents prefer their kids to get. Then again, if I’m going to get stuck with bags of candy that I have to consume, it might as well be the stuff I like.

Five Favorite Halloween Candy

1. Milky Way




2. Snickers


I claim that it’s a good snack for protein, such a bluff.


3. Kit Kat


I love biting the edges of until only the words “Kit Kat” remain.


4. 3 Musketeers


So simple, so delicious.


5. Butterfinger


The Butterfinger bites are particularly irresistible.


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