Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday! 9.16.16

Last night I was very productive in all my online activities to the point that I almost worked on my blog. I wish I had, because today was very unproductive. Unless you count three naps and kitty cuddle time.

Five Favorite Things of the Week:

IOS 10


Unlike many other people, I have embraced iOS 10 and I love it! Sure, there’s a learning curve, but I get a kick out of sending cute gifs through text messages now.


Golden Graham Snacks


I had the opportunity to snag a couple of these for free the other day. I love them! I’ve been telling myself for years that I have to figure out a way to make them myself.


Scrambled Eggs


Right now they’re selling 18 count eggs at the dollar store. I only got them because I wanted to make a brownie mix. Then I made some scrambled eggs and ate more than you’d think I’m capable. Yum! Eggs everyday!

8GB of Re-Runs


I found an 8GB micro SD card in my husbands desk (it’s like Narnia in there, you never know what you’ll find). He said I could use it, and now I’ve loaded up my tablet with TV show re-runs so that I can prepare for the new seasons of my favorite shows.


Cooler Night-Time Weather


It’s so great to sleep through the night without waking up in a sweat. Or having to shoo away a cat because I can’t handle any more warmth. I hate to say this, it goes against everything I’ve believed about weather, but I REALLY can’t wait for winter. I’m so done with summer and burning up. Bring on the wind in the trees, heck, give me some snow, I’ll take it!


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