Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: 9-9-16

In the world of retail we’ve had Halloween and Fall items out for a few weeks. 1 in 5 customers comment on this in a negative way, usually stating that it’s too early to think about Halloween. Yeah, I get it. But I’ve been working retail long enough so that I’m always thinking two seasons ahead.

By the way, to those customers groaning about Fall, I like to point out that we have Christmas merchandise on the shelf. Mwahaha! You should see the outraged looks on their faces, I love my job!

So, before we delve completely into pumpkin spice everything and holiday planning, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a very dear to me obsession.

Five Favorite Back to School Supplies

1. Pens and Pencils


I recently bought some Micron pens off Amazon to aid in my growing talents in doodling. These pens are the best. That’s not to say I’m a pen snob, I’ll use anything so long as it gets the job done, but I do have favorites.


2. Notebooks


After withholding buying them for a few years, I gave in to my love of crisp, clean pages. I threw out all my old notebooks that only had a few blank pages left and splurged a whole dollar on a couple of new ones.


3. Sticky Notes


Does this even need an explanation? Sticky Notes are the best!


4. Scissors


I’m the kind of person who loses scissors like some people lose spoons. I also lose spoons, but that’s another matter. This year I tried to use my best pair of scissors to cut wire, and now I need to buy new scissors.


5. Tape


I’m one of those annoying people who put tape on envelopes so that I don’t have to lick them. Then I add a cute sticker so that hopefully the recipient isn’t too mad at me.


If I had to add another item to the list, it would be batteries. I don’t use them so much anymore, but as a retail worker it’s so easy to sell them. “Here, do you want the limited edition 10 pack instead of the 8 pack for the same price?” I had a fun week.


-Kristina Wise


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