DIY: Pencil Holder

Do you have any idea how many pencil holders I have around my home? I certaintly can’t and don’t want to know. Just looking around I see seven. SEVEN! This is madness! Sharpies, highlighters, pens, pens I don’t use, a hodgepodge of things I haven’t used in forever. Wha…?

A month ago I bought a collection of 36 colored pencils and had nowhere to put them. So, I found this neat little hack.

You take a shoe-box and decorate it. I did mine in fun duck tape that I got from the dollar store. I saved up some toilet paper rolls, I didn’t have enough, so I added a couple pill containers and an empty moisture cream jar.

All I did was slide the containers into the box and then fill it with pens and pencils. I plan to decorate it a little bit more later, but for now it does the trick. It fits everything I need for coloring and doodling.



-Kristina Wise



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