Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday 8.26

At my job we’ve had fall and Halloween merchandise out for about two weeks now. In another couple of weeks the Christmas stuff will emerge. Wow. So, before we get swept away in pumpkin spiced everything, here’s what I loved the most about my summer.


Five Fondest Summer Memories

1. Hunting Pokemon


It’s been too much fun exploring my city to find all of the poke-stops. I know the best course to hit them all and which gyms to battle so that I can snag a high daily bonus. I haven’t walked into oncoming traffic or walked into a wall or tripped…yet. Although my enthusiasm for the game is wearing off, I’ll still look back on this as “pokemon summer.”

2. Lake Michigan

tunnelbeach stairs

I love our salt-free beaches here in Michigan, it’s the next best thing to vacationing in Florida. Sitting out in the warm sun, enjoying the waves and spending time with my hubby. A wonderful day.

3. Dog-sitting

2016-05-25 22.49.55

I’m more than happy to take the dog off my parents hands anytime they wish. Chancey the corgi is super well behaved and loves playing catch. I love this dog!

4. Ice-Cream and Walking Around Downtown

dairy barn facebook page

There’s nothing like a soft-serve cone on a hot day.

5. Canada

2016-06-25 11.54.17 - Copy

Oh, Canada. London was once again a fun town to visit with my friends. I’d love to go back and visit Niagara Falls. I’ve already seen them twice, but it’s worth seeing multiple times.

Sadly we will soon say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Truth be told, while I sit here roasting in my hot apartment, cold temperatures, blankets, hot chocolate and leg warmers sound appealing.

-Kristina Wise


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