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Did You Know: Pikachu is Real!

A while ago I stumbled upon a picture of a pika. That’s a small mammal that I think looks like a cross between a hamster and a chinchilla. Now, I thought it was a homepage picture on Bing, but after 2 hours of tedious research, I now have no idea how I stumbled upon it.

The point of the matter is that a pika is the animal Pikachu is based on.

Or so I thought.

Listen, I saw it on the internet back in May, made a note of it, now it’s been in the blogging idea book for a while and I thought it would make a good post. So, of course I can’t find the source of my main point here (Pikachu is based on the pika), and therefore cannot confirm the fact.

Pika’s are cute…and they look like Pikachu. There, end of blog post. So much for that (now three) hours of research.

Here’s a couple links where I found some cool info:

Rare shot of a pika chosen as Wildlife Photo of the Year

The Verge Review of Animals: pika vs. Pikachu

And here’s a video of a pika in the wild:

American Pikas Calling Out


-Kristina Wise


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