Five Things Friday

Belated Five Things Friday 8.6

This week has been exhausting! Let me explain in detail in this weeks’ list:

Top Five Events of the Week

1. New Harry Potter Book Release

2016-07-31 00.18.28 - Copy

I live in a small town, one without a bookstore, so I found myself last Saturday night at Meijer’s. The ad said it would be available at 12:01am July 31. Since Amazon wouldn’t deliver it until Wednesday, I decided to make the midnight trip to the grocery store.

Midnight arrived and no one was around to sell me a copy of the book, although I could see the boxes through a window into the back-room. The night manager came by and told us (I dragged Shawn along) that he would not sell us a copy of the book. Huh? What? He said that he could not sell the book until Aug 1 because that’s the release date.

2016-07-30 23.51.10 - Copy

Um, excuse me? The boxes say 12:01am July 31, so does your ad, the website says it’s now available to purchase, some of my friends are currently at HP parties buying their copies…need I go on? But the manager insisted that he would not be selling the book until the next day.

To be so excited about attaining this new book and then having a rude manager deny me that pushed me over the edge. I called up corporate right then and there and laid into them. They called back a few minutes later asking me to come back to Meijer so that they could sell me a copy of the book. By then, we were pulling into the Walmart parking lot, so I told them they could forget it. We walked into Walmart, asked a cashier if they had the book, and we were immediately able to buy it.

2016-07-31 00.18.36 - Copy

I spent half the night spewing and ranting about Meijer. From Facebook, to Twitter, and even on Instagram. I was furious with that night manager.

The next day I got a call from the store director who was extremely apologetic and offered both of us a free copy of the book. I’m glad this guy helped us out, because I do like Meijer and I don’t want to take ALL my shopping to Walmart.

2. New Glasses

My husband and I both had eye appointments this week and we both get new glasses and frames. Without insurance that wouldn’t have been possible.

3. The Olympic Opening Ceremony


Even though they all turn out to be a little odd, I like watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. My favorite part was when they revealed that these will be known as the “Green Olympics.” The lighting of the cauldron was also cool. We were able to stream it commercial free from BBC and their commentary is always far better than NBC.

4. Late Night Artwork

2016-08-02 13.40.31

Sometimes my insomnia gets the better of me. Instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours, I felt like being productive. I made use out of my new colored pencils and set to work on drawing a sunset scene.

5. My Visit to the Emergency Room


I was having some issues with dizziness early on in the week, but when I went into work on Wednesday, it was ten times worse. I couldn’t see straight, I couldn’t focus, I felt confused and I was afraid I was going to pass out. Shawn came and took me to urgent care and then they sent me straight over to the ER. The only other time I’ve had to go to the hospital was when a mastiff dragged me across a parking lot.

Thankfully it was nothing serious. They thought I might need a CT-scan but then ruled that out. I did however have to get an IV put in, and I learned that it hurts a whole lot more when they take it out. Although I’m expecting the hospital bill will hurt the most.

It turns out that I was having a severe reaction to going off a medicine I’d been taking for two years. (FYI, I’ve had a lot of people insert their medical opinions and I don’t need that. I was following doctor’s orders to begin with.) My symptoms, as bad as they were, put me in the 1% of people who have this severe of a reaction. The medication they gave me helped a lot, and I almost feel back to normal.


That’s probably the most eventful week of the year, (I can only hope). This weekend I’m relaxing and recovering. No Pokemon Go for me. Just going to do a lot of reading and watching of the Olympics.


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