Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday: Home Office

What a wonderful start to the weekend! Rain for parched grass, a trip to GR to see all the pretty big box stores, and a quiet evening with the husband. This week we finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (my 8th time reading it, Shawn’s 1st). We watched the movie after and the whole time he was complaining about everything the movie did differently than the book. WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Haha. All that matters is that he likes the books. For me, I’m getting excited for book 8 this Sunday.

As is typically the case when I visit Barnes & Noble, I came across a book that I decided that I couldn’t live without. It’s a book of Top Ten Lists. They give the title and you fill in the list. I love it, and it was in the bargain section. A big reason I got it was to help me come up with lists for Five Things Friday, and already I feel inspired.

My Five Favorite Home Office Items

1. Hamster or Corgi Wall Calendar


For the last few years I’ve enjoyed the hamster calendars very much. Before that was corgi’s, and before that I typically got Star Wars.

2. Nearly Every Color Sharpie, Because I Can!


I love all of my Sharpie’s, except for the peach colored one…it doesn’t show up very well. I also have a huge fist-full of Bic’s markers as well. And 50 colored pencils, a bunch of crayons, some colored pens too. Oh, and highlighters!

3. Sticky Notes


This picture of a sticky note set sparks all things happy and creative in my mind. It makes me want to write to-do lists of things I definitely don’t want to do and will put off indefinitely. I want to use them as bookmarks, quote savers, phone convo notes, my work schedule, and colorful leafs full of ideas.

4. Stickers!


Because what else can quite add that level of flair to a letter, notebook or journal? These Grumpy Cat stickers are my favorites. I did just get some Finding Dory one’s that I’m fond of. But anything with an owl is my favorite.

5. The Knick-Knack Drawer


Everyone has one of these and it has their own special name. I call mine the crap keeper. Why? Because if I tipped the contents into a trash bin and never saw then again, not only would I not miss them, but I probably couldn’t list the things in it. Taking a peek right now however, I can tell you there’s pens, staples, a screwdriver, a funny ring, lotion, a couple drawings, calculator, old wallet, a glue stick and a bunch of other odds and ends.

This is the space I sit down to work at everyday. I prefer it clean and organized, but that’s not how I roll. I work best with a little mess. And I’m constantly trying to improve my space so that I’m more productive.

-Kristina Wise


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