Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday! Pokemon Go!

This week I got my new Fitbit in the mail, it works like a charm and holds a charge unlike my last one. My husband made the mistake of introducing me to the new Pokemon Go game, and now I’m addicted. The first night I kept banging my head against the apartment door. “I see it, it’s just a few more feet away, and I WANT it!” The next day I spent a couple hours downtown visiting all the Poke Stops and catching Pokemon.

2016-07-14 16.17.21

This game is so much fun! I walked down one of the nature trails today to where a gym was, team blue was in control and so I got to join in on helping to protect it.

2016-07-15 15.09.58

This is what the gym looks like in real life. Quite a lovely view.

2016-07-15 15.10.13 HDR-2

I’m finding places around town that I didn’t know existed, and I feel like I know my way around a LOT better! All thanks to Pokemon Go. Oh, and it makes for a great date night. A few spots are near the ice-cream shop, so that’s an added bonus.

Okay, that’s my life, now here’s the Five Things Friday.

1. Pokemon Go!


Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Haha. So far my experience with the game has been positive. I’ve met a lot of friendly players around town. I haven’t walked into traffic or been mugged, I’ve been playing safely and made sure to always be aware of my surroundings. As someone who once said “Pokemon is stupid” I will now admit that I was wrong…so wrong.

2. Portable Fans


Do you know the feeling of walking into a building on a hot day and feeling the wonderful air conditioning sweep over you? It’s great. It’s a different feeling when your working. I’m standing on my feet for hours, in the same place, cashiering. It gets hot very quickly. A co-worker recommended this sweet little portable fan and it brings me so much joy.

3. Deliveries


I got three beautiful boxes in the mail today! It felt like Christmas. Nothing too special. Sharpies, colored pencils and essential oils. All thanks to internet earnings of watching videos, surveys and searching the web.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean


The first three movies in the series are the best, and my husband had only seen the first one. We had a couple of movie nights to watch them. Made popcorn on the stove, cuddled on the couch, had the cats come to join us. I still love these movies!

5. Saying “Thank You”


Last year I got married. That meant writing a hundred invitations and probably over a hundred thank you cards. I was glad to do it, I like handwriting personalized cards to people. For our first anniversary, Shawn and I just sent out a few thank you cards to some people who went above and beyond to help us on our wedding day. Without the help from so many friends, I would’ve been a nervous wreck the week before the wedding. Shawn and I are so thankful to all of our friends and family, both for their help and support, and also for the many gifts and tokens of love.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. With help from our family and friends our first year was wonderful. You’d be surprised how great it makes you feel to say the words “thank you.” Even for the littlest things. You might just make someone’s day.


-Kristina Wise


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