Five Things Friday

Oh, there is just so much I have to say, but of course none of it pertains to this blog post. Drat! I’m in a bit of a time crunch to create a few Shutterfly photo books before my free coupon codes expire at the end of the month. Scrapbooking is more than a hobby for me, it’s art, and my OCD makes the process twice as long.

The number 1 thing I am grateful for this week is having a job. My store manager is a peach and the customers are relatively pleasant. Income is great, but having a good job that you enjoy is far better.

1. Unexpected Bargains


The small bookstore in town is closing, so I had to stop in to see what inventory they had left. I found a small Star Wars Moleskine journal for half off. I have no idea what I’ll write in it, but it’s so pretty!

2. Unexpected Finds


Last year I could not find Star Wars pencils anywhere…at least to my recollection. If I did, there were probably expensive. Yesterday I had a customer come through my line with them. I squealed with happiness and promptly purchased my own.

3. Unexpected Treats


Mint Oreo Thins. $1 a pack, normally $3.50. That is all.

4. Exceptional Customer Service


Nearly everyone I talk to about the FitBit Charge has had trouble with their wearable technology. It’s supposed to hold a charge up to seven days…I’m lucky if I get seven hours! After contacting FitBit and trying their solutions, they’ve kindly offered to replace my Charge. However, since they are going to stop making the Charge, they are sending me the Alta, which is a superior model. WOW! I can’t wait until it comes!

5. Those Beautiful, Red, 12oz Cans


I am a sucker for coca-cola. I have fond memories of my first job at McDonald’s; we were allowed to drink as much soda pop as we wanted. That’s when I first started getting cavities, so maybe mom and dad were smart to keep me away from the stuff. Anyway, when it’s ninety degrees outside, the air conditioner struggling to keep our apartment cool, there’s nothing quite like popping open a can of cola and enjoying a summer weekend.

-Kristina Wise


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