Zest to Rest

What a crazy weekend! Working in retail again has given me more energy (except for the first hour after work when my feet are screaming), and I worked a few shifts where the time flew by due to so many customers. I’m employed at a dollar store, everything is a dollar, except for a few items that are a little cheaper. This is an opportunity to test my patience and not splurge my whole paycheck there.

Thus far I have purchased my first adult coloring book. I’m working on Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas. The only problem I have with the books is that the smallest, detailed coloring is aggravating the tendinitis in my right wrist and hand. Other than that it’s quite enjoyable.

2016-07-04 19.23.42

Saturday evening my husband and I went to a friends house in the country and enjoyed their display of fireworks. You know what’s awesome? Noise proof earmuffs! Without them I might have had a meltdown. Since our small city doesn’t do public fireworks, it was nice to have somewhere to view them.


Sunday we had our monthly pilgrimage to Grand Rapids for our big city shopping. We bought hand sanitizer and TimBits. Oh yeah, big spenders. Plus, Celebration Cinema was nice enough to take our expired movie passes, so we saw Independence Day 2: Resurgence. Not as good as the first installment, but still a lot of fun.

Today I crashed hard. I had all these plans to clean the house and organize the computer room. None happened. Shawn did the laundry and I played games on my computer. He cleaned the bathroom and I took a nap. I did help make chicken for dinner, now I’m thinking about watching a movie in bed while I “rest my eyes.”

Holidays are a great time to catch up if you need to, or get some needed sleep. I have a few symptoms that may mean I’m getting a cold, which makes sense to me since I’m handling money at work. I’m doing all I can to offset possible illness, taking meds, relaxing, drinking lots of water, and washing my hands.

Happy Independence Day everyone!



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