Canada Road Trip

One of the many perks of living in the Great Lakes State is that it’s within driving distance of Ontario, Canada. If you wake up at the ungodly hour of 6am, you can make it across the border before noon. That’s what I did with my friends and we had a blast.

I LOVE how patriotic Canadians are! The maple leaf is EVERYWHERE! Plus Km/h makes it feel like you’re driving faster than usual.

2016-06-25 10.48.48 HDR-2 - Copy

One of my favorite things to do in Canada is to visit downtown London. The Fire Roasted Coffee Co. is a must. The London’s Farmers Market is two floors of fun. I love exploring all the old books at Attic Books and seeing whatever else I might stumble upon. Oh, and I found the Canadian version of the Millennium Falcon Puzz-3D…and I’ve been searching comic-cons and stores for years!!!!


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The lighthouse is located at Port Huron in Michigan. We saw it while crossing the bridge back into the U.S. and decided to see it up close. There was a beach area, and once I saw the entrance I took off running with my arms flailing. I was too excited. I jumped over the stairs into the sand, took two uneven steps forward and fell face first into the sand. Classy! But I got back up and kept running until I hit the water. I LOVE Michigan and the Great Lakes, and Canada is pretty cool too.


-Kristina Wise


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