Five Things Friday

5 Favorite Procrastinating Habits

I love the end of a workweek. For me, working in retail, that doesn’t always mean Friday. But this week it does, and I have the next three days off before I return for my second day of work.

Confession: blogging feels more like a chore to me lately. So does journaling or writing of any kind. Seriously, I haven’t made a grocery list or a to-do list in a couple of weeks. I’ve also barely touched a book. I finished one that I wasn’t that into and felt pretty blah about picking up the next one.

In the meantime, I’ve binge-watched full seasons of half a dozen shows on Netflix. I’m on a total New Girl kick and I have to keep convincing myself that as much as I want bangs, I hate how oily my forehead gets. Keep me away from the scissors.

The proper reaction to my laziness, I think, should be reflected in my blogging this week.

5 Favorite Procrastinating Habits:

  • Binge watching whole TV seasons
  • Eating cereal
  • Going for long walks at the gym
  • Daydream/Plot my novels
  • Do my nails

2016-06-24 20.09.28

Ta-da! I’m no expert, but I think they turned out looking sharp!

Tomorrow I’ll be out of the country. Doesn’t that make me sound like a million bucks? Yeah, right. I’ve got gas money and spare change for fast food. A couple of my friends and I are doing a day-trip to Canada. More on that later.

-Kristina Wise




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