I’m trying! Well, not really.

Sometimes I get into this nasty habit of reminding myself of things I need to do SO MUCH that I give up actually trying to do the things.

When my husband is at work and texts me, “how are you doing?” This is the type of reply he gets:

2016-06-18 14.16.38

I’m an expert level procrastinator. Give me just one thing to do and I can put it off for weeks. It’s a good thing I start my new job this week. If I have more tasks to juggle, it means I’ll actually get stuff done.

A good example of how a productive week can go utterly wrong would be when Netflix released the new season of a show I watch…at 3AM on Friday. I was up until dawn, ate nothing but junk food and soda, my daily step count was under 1k, basically I was feeling rather icky by Saturday. Getting out of bed this morning at 8:30 for church was rough.


It’s time to get back to acting like an adult. I have to impose a curfew and a cut-off time for caffeine. When I feel like I have no energy to do anything, I have to make myself try.

Here’s a picture of our kitty, Princess Leia. She’s almost a year old now and finally fits into the buns. While you’re laughing at her annoyed expression, I’ll type up another blog post for tomorrow.

2016-06-14 23.50.38

-Kristina Wise


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