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Summer Fun To-Do List

I spent about five minutes trying to remember if I wrote a summer bucket list for 2015. Then I remembered that I didn’t have one because I got married in July. I couldn’t have done anything better!

In 2014 I had an extensive list of close to 50 things and I completed more than half of them. They turned out to be mostly juvenile – I did some of them with the kids I babysat, some felt weird while doing them (marshmallows and tooth-picks), and flying a kite turned out to be awesome!

This year I want to do SOME things, but make each of them worth doing.

2016-06-01 14.53.25

  • Library reading program
  • Go swimming in Lake Michigan
  • U-pick blueberries
  • Watch a meteor shower
  • Enjoy ice-cream on a hot day
  • Danish Festival
  • Eat S’mores
  • Grand opening of Chic-fil-a in Lansing, MI
  • Make iced-coffee
  • Write 10k words
  • Find a job

The last one is not a joke. As much as I enjoy binge watching Netflix and walking 10k+ steps a day at the gym, I need something more to do. And it has to have some sort of income.

Writing 10k words is by far the hardest goal on the list. I haven’t yet started my next novel, so that will be a huge challenge! While I have unlimited free time, now’s the best time to get cracking on that project.

Not on the list is my goal to get fit. For the last couple of weeks my daily step count has gone up to an average of 8,000 steps. It’s hard losing weight! I never understood that before now. I’ve been blessed with a fast metabolism, but the medication I’m on is countering that, which is frustrating. So, with the help of a fun playlist and a gym membership, I’m making progress.

Yay, summer!

-Kristina Wise


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