Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday!

Today I was able to finally sit down and collect my thoughts. It will probably take the whole weekend to organize them. I’ve had plenty of time to be productive, I just chose not to be. While my husband was on a business trip this week I binge-watched 3 seasons of Castle and 2 seasons of The Office. #Unemployed

I haven’t been completely useless with my abounding free time. A LOT of housework has gotten done. Also, I’ve gone from averaging 3k steps daily to 8k steps. This summer my number one goal is to shed a few unneeded (not to mention unwanted) pounds.


1. Air Conditioning!

air conditioning

Willis Carrier is my favorite person right now for being the inventor of the modern day AC unit. It’s been almost a week without our AC unit, it’s muggy and hot and I live in fear of heat stroke. And mosquitoes, but that’s a terror for another time.

Our landlord granted our request for a new AC unit. The last one was 30 years old and had been in the building since ’94. He installed the new one today…and it came with a remote control, so cool!


2. FitBit Friends


Do you remember playing the card game “Hearts” on your computer? The three computer generated players were called West, North and East. You could change their names, but I preferred to keep thing impersonal. I hated East so much! It always gave me a bad card when it was inconvenient for me.

That’s how I feel about my FitBit friends. I don’t know any of them personally, so I feel better about disliking that “too-cool” chick with the big sunglasses. She gets in a crazy amount of steps during the weekend and always beats me. Humph!

These random people motivate me to up my step count game. Through daily goals and weekly step counts, I’ve been rising to the occasion for the thrill of competition. It feels great to end a day with a large step count.


3. Ice Cubes



So simply, and yet, so wonderful! I hate ice cubes in my soft drinks, but in water and lemonade it’s the best. Ice helps me go the extra mile (yes, pun intended) at the gym, and it keeps me going on my walks around the neighborhood.


4. A Sweet Smelling Home

summer scoop

Because we live in an apartment building where the tenets are allowed to smoke, we occasionally get their smelly odor into our unit. Not a fan! I have a sensitive nose and Shawn has to hear about it every time I’m unhappy. My mother-in-law invests graciously in Yankee Candle and as a result, Shawn and I get her overflow. We’re enjoying Summer Scoop right now. TY!

When we don’t have delicious candles around, I’ll put a few drops of essential oil in the air purifier. Holy wow! Thank you to Now Essentials for the Peace and Harmony blend!


5. Swagbucks


I have earned over $250 worth of gift cards from this site. Once I hit 2,200 swagbucks, I can redeem it for a $25 gift card. This month, due to losing my job, I was able to use my Amazon money to get a Kmart gift card and therefore buy groceries.

This is my favorite money earning website by far. I get points for searching the internet, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers among other things. I’ve probably earned $.50 while writing out this blog post.

If you want to earn a little extra, I highly recommend Swagbucks!

It’s going to be a great weekend! For now, I’m enjoying the comfort of living at 72 degrees and spending quality time with my husband on his three day weekend.

Which reminds me: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

-Kristina Wise


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