Review: The Muse is In

The Muse is In, an owner’s manual to your creativity. By Jill Badonsky

This is one of my favorite books about sparking your creativity and writing prompts. I’ve worn out the library’s copy and have paid dearly with overdue fines. I would’ve purchased it sooner, but I have a LOT of items on my wishlist.

The Muse is In is a great source for general advice on starting a new creative project. I love the chapter about troubleshooting, it helps you figure out why you have writers block (or any other creative block) and how to get past it.

It’s filled with relevant quotes, whimsical doodles, and 365 days worth of writing prompts. It’s straight to the point! Other books like this one will go on and on as if they’re trying to meet a big word count. Us creative types hate the fluff, you read a book about creativity so that you gain knowledge, momentum, inspiration.

Every now and then I still get a mental image of a cat rollerskating on a tree branch at the bottom of a valley at sunset. Want to get some crazy ideas into your head, read this book!

-Kristina Wise



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