Five Favorite Things

What a perfect spring week in Michigan! A typical week includes all four seasons within 48 hours, but this week was what everyone believes spring should look like. Everything is blooming thanks to almost daily April showers. It’s warm enough that I don’t NEED a coat, but cool enough that I still WANT one. My allergies have gotten a little better, so I can finally appreciate the leaves growing on the trees, the colorful flowers, and the freshly trimmed grass.

So, here are my favorite things of the week:

1. Spring Thunderstorms


We had a couple nights of weather activity. My husband and I shut off all the lights in the apartment, opened up the curtains, and sat on the couch to watch. Storm watching is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and it’s great to have someone to share that with.

2. Pretty Flowers


Specifically, daffodils. There’s a few others I like, but nothing quite says spring like spotting daffodils in a neighbors yard.

3. Fresh, Warm Air

warm air

Winter always seems to last too long. When I step outside and it’s not below freezing temperatures, I’m happy. If it gets above sixty-five, I’m definitely a happy person.

4. Choosing Desktop Backgrounds

owl desktop

I enjoy catering my computer to my needs. Just like the picture on my calendar changes once a month, I like my computer and iPhone to follow suite. They’re typically themed around the season, sometimes I’ll go with abstract images, or animal themed. I love owls, corgis and hamsters.

5. My Singing Monsters


I’ve been playing this world-building game ever since I got my first Ipod touch. I don’t know why. I can’t explain why I like this game. The monsters are so creatively unique plus they sing! So weird yet so awesome!

If you end up downloading My Singing Monsters, I should warn you that the songs they sing are highly addicting!

-Kristina Wise


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