Allergies vs. Kristina

Isn’t it great when you have your whole day planned out? You know exactly what to do and when to do it.

That was supposed to be me today!

This was the plan:

Wake up early, get my free McGriddle (thanks McDonald’s Monopoly), go to work early. Walk by the river at lunch. Make a grocery list, go to the store, make dinner. Go out for ice cream. Sit down and read before bed.

This is what happened:

Woke up in the early afternoon. My sinuses nearly paralyzed me. Took allergy meds, didn’t make it into work. It got so hot in the apartment that I felt even more miserable. Succumbed to McDoanld’s for dinner (worth it, won a free buttermilk chicken sandwich) took more meds, now I’m sitting at the desk with a box of tissues.

It took me nearly fifteen minutes to read through a short blog post just now. Half of that was spent trying to mentally pronounce the word lugubrious.

My allergies may have won the day, but there’s still five more days left in the week and I shall be victorious!


-Kristina Wise



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